The Portraits of the Ascended Masters

These paintings are the key to the essence and individualised Christ Consciousness of these Illumined Ones.

With Their likeness comes Their warning, that They the Ascended Masters must not be worshipped as individuals or personalities in any way, shape or form. To worship any form or representative of Deity outside of the self is to worship falsely and is that which is called ‘idol worship’. This form of worship is binding and inhibits the flow of power inherent within the self. God the Omnipresent Light and Life incarnate within each soul must be recognised in Truth and worshipped within. God is not separate from His Creation. ‘I and the Father are One’.

As a soul attains Divine Illumination, or Christ Consciousness, the outer form generally reflects this state of Consciousness. They, The Ascended Masters, have fully realised Their True nature or Real Self. This True nature is the immaculate concept of the Divine Child held in the infinite Mind of the Creator; and it is birthless and deathless. It is the concept of the Eternal Youth, man-woman as they were created to be – Perfect.

The image projected by each Master for His-Her portrait is usually a likeness of the body of the last incarnation, reflecting the Eternal Youth state of Consciousness. The only Master that chose to show any sign of illusionary age was Enoch. In ancient times this great soul was seen by the Essene Brotherhood as Father Enoch, this is possibly why He appeared showing age.

These Great Souls are as Mighty Stars eternally expressing their individualisation of the Christ Light, which benefits all life. By meditating on the image of one of these Masters through the Christ within, you may form a conscious link thereby receiving their individualised blessing. We can have a great Love and respect for these Illumined Beings but we must never worship them as individuals. We must only worship the Divinity within all Life. That which is in them is in you also, albeit in degrees.

When a soul starts aspiring to the highest and is starting to give expression to the Christ within, they come under the eye of one or more of these Masters. Depending on your date of birth and path of expression as to which ones. These Masters will then see that the path of inspiration is set before them. The Ascended Masters must never be seen as the same as our personal guides and helpers. Their Consciousness is Omnipresent. There are disciples of these Masters on all the higher planes of Consciousness and these act like golden chains coming down through the spheres to do the Masters bidding.

Though I say they come to us not as guides there may be occasions when an aspiring soul, because of great dedication and service to the Light, may have a more personal communication or experience with a Master.

All Symbols on the Masters paintings are just that, symbols, which need to be interpreted correctly. Masters do not need rods, wands or gemstones or indeed any aid outside themselves, they are the Christ, All Power is theirs, their consciousness is a point which has the totality of All consciousness behind it. By their Creative Power of thought, they can by their own will, raise the dead, heal the sick, multiply the loaves and fishes or part the ocean.

A Warning for the unwary

Since these Masters have revealed their likeness, the greatest sport in the astral spheres is to impersonate them, some have become very proficient at it. You must be very discerning, ‘The Tree is known by its fruit.’ Flattery is one of their favourite weapons. The Masters Holy images are also used by the ‘forces of opposition’ to misguide and waylay undiscerning students of the Light. So Be Aware!

From the book: Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils