A Brief Autobiography of Leona Lal-Singh

 Being the painter of the inspired pictures and the writer of the inspired words found within this web-site, I find it necessary to say these few words of how this came about.

I was born in New Zealand in 1943 to a family who practised no religion but had fine Spiritual values. Although never having gone to Church, from childhood I developed a great love of Jesus Christ and was always thirsty to hear stories from the Bible. In my early 20’s I began to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ into the realms above; my love for Jesus grew even stronger but I began searching for more and deeper understanding and prayed for such.

One day in the early 1970’s a stranger knocked on my door, when I opened it he handed me a book and said “this is for you”, its title was ‘Beyond the Himalayas’ and the author Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne. Here my life changed; I withdrew from the world at large to seek the inner life; to begin to unfold the mysteries of Truth. During these early years I was inspired to teach myself to paint that I might have the likeness of some of my Spiritual guides, little did I know where this was leading. In the early 1980’s an Illumined Being appeared and communicated with me during a meditation. I had at this time no knowledge of the Ascended Masters, only Jesus. I was urged to paint ‘He’ who had appeared then another and another; they came one after the other giving me only their names. I had painted 3 before I knew who they were and I discovered this only when another man I knew not, knocked at my door. He had been sent from the opposite side of the world to find these portraits, for he was to use most of them before me. He had been told only that the painter of the portraits lived under the Southern Cross; which is true. This man is the well-known Healer and Author Edmund Harold.

Those who inspired the portraits have also inspired me to write and have said that the writings are far more important than the paintings. The writing began seriously in 1999, why it took so long I believe is that I needed to raise my awareness enough to be able to transpose their inspirations and messages into written form. I have now in 2003 great pressure upon me to present my work as a whole to anyone who wishes to ‘see’ it.

That which I learned from the master MMB I say to you: Do not believe what I say but discern the Truth of it for yourself. But Do not discern it with your intellectual mind, elevate your Consciousness into Greater Light and let your heart discern it for that is where Truth dwells.