A Gathering of the Universal Collective

It has been prophesied for a very long time that catastrophic events in rapid succession would come upon the earth if man did not change his ways, and now that time has come upon us. Man has not changed his greedy, selfish and destructive ways, in fact he has become more materialistic, always wanting more, bigger, better; he takes from the earth’s resources without consideration for future generations or of the terrible consequences he is creating for them.

The earth is a living, breathing entity, created by and existing within the Infinite Eternal Divine Mind. The Creator Created the earth as He Created all celestial bodies; for His own Divine Expression.

The Mighty Infinite Life, or God, in which all Universes exist, has placed every Sun, every planet, every moon, and every Celestial Body exactly where He-She wanted them, for His own expression and purpose and it is the same with all life forms including man.

God is the Life or Spirit in each Celestial Body but each has a great soul incarnate within them. As the human body and soul is the temple of the Living God, so it is with the Celestial Bodies.

The Life that is in the Universe and within us is in Itself unchangeable but is ever evolving the forms It has created for Its own expression and purpose.

God has Created man in His-Her own image and likeness; this means with the Power of Creation in him, man has been Created for the purpose of becoming a self-realised creative being, with the ability to control the elements and eventually come under Gods Will and Intelligence; co-creators of Universes and things yet incomprehensible to the human mind.

The earth is the perfect dwelling place for the human to awaken and realise his Divine creative nature or Oneness with his Creator.

The earth is referred to, by the Spiritual Masters, as the ‘Rose’ of the Solar system because of its uniqueness with its magnificent beauty, its forests, rivers and lakes; its great plains and mountain ranges and its mighty oceans; its abundant plant kingdom and animal life.  All of this has been given into mans care and what has man done?

Unenlightened man in his greedy selfish ways, or metaphysically speaking in his `first born’ state on consciousness, is very destructive and unfeeling to all that surrounds him; but as man becomes more and more aware he begins to see the beauty that surrounds him, and when his true Spiritual nature begins to unfold and his heart softens he becomes loving and kind and embraces nature; he becomes compassionate towards all Life and wants to preserve it.

Because the earth is a living being we can liken it to the human body, if most of our lungs are removed we cannot breath properly to sustain health. The forests are the lungs of the planet. If we poison the rivers of Life that flow through our vascular system our whole system becomes ill, if we become depleted in minerals we become ill and out of harmony with Life etc. etc.

It does not take great intelligence to see that the earth system cannot sustain itself with so much deforestation and pollution of the atmosphere, earth, oceans, rivers and lakes.

There has been and shall be much more unnecessary suffering because of mans ignorance and selfish destructive behaviour.

Within the Divine Law, in which all Life exists, all the elements are harmonious but because of mans inherent power of creative thought, and because of his unabated consumption of the earths resources he has created distortion and chaos in his surroundings and is now caught up in the cataclysmic events.

The Infinite Eternal Intelligence is creating moment to moment, ever renewing, the earth will not be destroyed for it has a Divine Purpose, it will be healed and regenerated for its purpose on this plane is far from over.

The following information has been received from Lord Enoch: The fierce guardian of Truth who has been throughout the ages the Great Mystic, the Great Seer and Keeper of the Sacred Mysteries.

This information began December 26th 2009:

There is a gathering of the Universal Collective, a conglomeration of great Spiritual forces due to the quickening momentum of earth changes. These mighty Spiritual Beings are gathered to observe and render assistance when need be to the planet. The great Spiritual Hierarchs will, when needs be, affect the magnetic field to prevent our planet from developing too great a wobble which would put it in danger of altering its axis during large earthquakes.

The earth must be protected, not only does it have Life of its own but it is part of a greater body, the Solar System which is ordered and has its own Divine purpose in an even greater scheme of things in the Divine Mind; the Solar System is part of a greater Universal Complex and so it goes on. Our earth is of Divine Design, the perfect place for human development and expression but mankind is as yet still in his infancy.

The elements which make up the Universe and all Life in it are at present in chaos in and around earth due to the gross inharmonious conditions created by man.

The vibration of the Fire element is expansion and is at this time exerting great force within the planet. There will continue to be great earthquakes and the ‘inside will be forced out’ with increasing volcanic activity. The violent weather conditions will increase in the form of floods, droughts, storms and fire storms.

The rapid acceleration of catastrophic disasters has come about because of the gross exploitation of natural resources and the man made pollution that is pouring out into the world and surrounding atmosphere at an alarming rate with devastating results.

The Eternal is ever creating, always renewing moment to moment so is always new, never old, It does not recognise disease or death, only perfection, only Life. God is birthless and deathless, God is Spirit and Spirit is our Eternal Life, mans True Nature. The Creative renewal action has been accelerated within our planet; that which man has destroyed shall be made new; the great oceans shall be purged for regeneration.

There has been a collision of worlds, not of planets but of the different planes of existence of our world. The veils between the astral planes and earth plane have become almost transparent due to the evolution of man and this has made communication between the worlds easy, thus there is a great deal of information being ‘channelled’ into this world, most of it is spurious for those in the astral worlds are not enlightened souls. Then there are many moving with the inflow of Cosmic Forces and seeking the Light of the higher planes thus drawing Light into this world. Although the rubbish flowing into this world from the astral realms is confusing and misleading to those who do not discern, all this interaction between planes is helping to agitate the consciousness of mankind and is contributing to the raising of the consciousness of the race.

Try not to fear in these rapidly changing times. All is well, all is as it should be.

Keep your thoughts positive and keep attuned to the inflowing Light and use your intuitive faculties.

A Spiritual revolution is in progress in the world for the forces of Spiritual evolution are pressing down on mankind and the consciousness of the race is being agitated. Higher Cosmic Forces now coming into the world are forcing an expansion of Spiritual Consciousness within mankind and the Spirit of God within is slowly but surely quickening the vibration of every soul and the whole world is being raised with man. Many are moving forward with great enthusiasm seeking greater Spiritual insight and freedom. Many are resisting change and cling to their old ways feeling safe within their belief systems, unfortunately diehard fundamentalists are still repressing millions of people, binding them in mans religious doctrine. Truth can find no freedom when one is caught up in any cult, sect or religion which has been established around mans ideas of Truth. But change will come for the Creator is always evolving and raising forms Created for His own purpose. Every single soul has been created for a specific Divine purpose.