To Re-Upholster or Buy New?

Many people consider buying a New Lounge Suite instead of recovering their old furniture. Here are a few points which should be considered before throwing away the old in favour of the new.

  • The fact that most older furniture is still in use is a testament to the quality of it’s construction. I refer to furniture which has been produced using coil springs, horse hair and wadding. However even the furniture produced in the 70’s and 80’s was made to last much longer than many of today’s lounge suites.
  • The frames of older furniture are often far superior to their modern counterparts and have been produced using quality timbers and incorporating dowelled and glued joints, and Not merely glued and stapled, as most modern furniture frames are today.
  • The use of Tetron in nearly all modern furniture as the primary padding on backs and arms is a basic mistake. Tetron will flatten out within 3 to 6 months and although it looks and feels comfortable when new, it will give little support after this time without quality foams or springs, horse hair and wadding, as the primary support underneath it.
  • Your old furniture can be made to look brand new and up to date with the vast array of Modern Fabrics now available. I carry a good selection of these fabrics and can supply many thousands more given the details taken from a fabric swatch of: Company Name + Design and Colour.
  • The price of recovering furniture is usually cheaper than buying new, but this depends on the condition of your furniture and fabric choices.