Archangels Gabriel and Hope – Divine Compliments

The Spirit of God, the Christ, is Universal and is the Life in all, including all ranks of Angels. Spirit is the Male – Female regenerative Power of God. Spirit is Male – Female complete.

These Solar Angels are Individually complete and centred in God, equal in every way, united by the Mighty Power of Divine Love and serve in the Absolute, as One. The Divine Intelligence centred within them is ever active, sending out the Cosmic Ray of White. It flows into the Earth and penetrates all Life on and in Her.

The Divine regenerative Power of Christ within the Ray, is ever active renewing, within the frequency of the White Ray, the evolutionary force is refining, lifting, bringing about rebirth, affecting the Earth and all Life on and in Her.

Christ is the Divine Man on Earth which includes all human souls, it is Gods plan that every one will come to recognise and realise this mighty Truth, then to manifest the Love, Wisdom and Power of God.

Christ is the Spirit of God, the Light of the World, the Life in all things. Christ is individualised in every soul that comes into the World from above, and it is through Christ that every soul shall rise again into Eternal Glory.

Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope, the Divine Compliment, are embodied in and transmit the 4th Ray – White, the Ray of Purity.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is recognised as a messenger of God and is mentioned in the Bible several times.

In Daniel 8:16, He was the Angel who appeared to Daniel to interpret his vision for him.

In Luke 1:19 He appeared to Zacharias to tell him of the birth of John the Baptist.

In Luke 1:26 He appeared to Mary concerning the mystical birth of Jesus.

Gabriel represents the Pure Light, and Pure Essence of God.

There is but one way to enlightenment, that is through ‘I AM’ – The Christ – The Divine Life within.

Gabriel represents ‘I AM’, for He acclaimed ‘I AM’ Gabriel that stands in the Presence of God. Gabriel the Messenger and God speak with One Voice.

The symbol of the mythical Phoenix represents Spiritual rebirth, risen from the consciousness of this material world into the Consciousness of ‘I AM’; To be born again.

Metaphysically Gabriel represents, for all of us, the soul who has fully awakened in the Truth of their Divine Nature thus demonstrating their ‘I AM’ Power and Might.

The Golden Winged Cup marked with the symbol of the Tau – Signet off the Living God; with the All-seeing eye of Gabriel above it. This cup represents the ‘I AM’ Gabriel.

The Golden Circle band blazing with white fire above the cup represents the Cherubim.

When I had the powerful vision of Gabriel standing before me there was a circle of Cherubim above Him. 

The Cherubim represent the attributes and majesty of the One Infinite Eternal God. They also represent Pure Truth, that is ‘I AM’ within us.

The Cherubim are also protectors and indicate that the Divine Christ Child awakening within us is protected from the worldly material consciousness.

The wings on the cup represent the wings of the Cherubim protecting the sacred ‘I AM’ Presence.

Those who would drink of Gabriel’s cup be aware, the fires of purification will come upon you for to reach that pure state of Consciousness all dross must be burned away.

The Cross of White Light represents His tremendous service toward the enlightenment of the race.

The symbol of the ‘Fleur-de-lis’ is also associated with Gabriel.

The ‘Fleur-de-lis’ is used often in religious symbology representing the Royalty of Christ; the Purity of Mary. In the Church it represents Purity, Virginity and Chastity.

For Gabriel it represents Purity and Resurrection from death to Life as in material consciousness to Christ Consciousness.

Archeia Hope

Symbol of the faceted diamond sphere representing the Divine Consciousness of Gabriel and Hope with the Pure White Light refracting through.

Hope’s hair representing the Ascending White Fire.

The symbolic coloured flames on both portraits represent the pure White Light of the White Ray for White Light holds within it all colours.


More on Archangel Gabriel can be found in the book: ‘Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils’