Archangels Michael and Faith – Divine Compliments

The Spirit of God, the Christ, is Universal and is the Life in all, including all ranks of Angels. Spirit is the Male – Female regenerative Power of God. Spirit is Male – Female complete.

These Solar Angels are Individually complete and centred in God, equal in every way, united by the Mighty Power of Divine Love and serve in the Absolute, as One. The Divine Intelligence centred within them is ever active, sending out the Cosmic Ray of Blue. It flows into the Earth and penetrates all Life on and in Her.

The Divine regenerative Power of Christ within the Ray, is ever active renewing, within the frequency of the Blue Ray, the evolutionary force is refining, lifting, bringing about rebirth, affecting the Earth and all Life on and in Her.

Christ is the Divine Man on Earth which includes all human souls, it is Gods plan that every one will come to recognise and realise this mighty Truth, then to manifest the Love, Wisdom and Power of God.

Christ is the Spirit of God, the Light of the World, the Life in all things. Christ is individualised in every soul that comes into the World from above, and it is through Christ that every soul shall rise again into Eternal Glory.

Archangel Michael and His Twin Flame, and Divine Compliment, Faith embody the 1st Ray, Blue, the Ray of Gods Will. By Divine appointment in this Hierarchical roll they give unlimited expression to Gods Will and Intelligence.

Divine Will is the living Power of the Creator, One with His Consciousness and Intelligence.

Archangel Michael

Michael means in Hebrew: Who is like unto God; Who is like God; Who is assimilated of God; Godlike; Who is like expanding Power.


Blue Cross: represents Divine Light or Consciousness being expressed by One through Blue Cosmic Fire.

The Sword of Blue Fire is the sword of Michael the Protector and the Conqueror.

In Revelations 12:7  – we read that Michael is the leader of the heavenly army of angels that wars against the dragon.  

The Blue Diamond with the Golden Wings of Eternal Divine Power over the throat represents this Prince of Light as being a manifestation of Eternal Divine Power.

He wears the Princes headband adorned with jewels representing the threefold flames of Love, Wisdom and Power.

In Jude:9  – Michael was one of the chief princes who came to help Daniel. 

The three flames held inseparable in the Celestial Gold and White represent again the Divine Fires of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Michael wears the Golden White armour of the Sun – The armour of God.

Archeia Faith

The Divine Compliment of Michael, Archeia Faith bares the same symbolic sword of Blue Fire as Her Beloved.

The faceted Diamond Sphere is symbolic of their individualised Divine or Cosmic Consciousness with the White Light which holds all colours refracting through it.

As Faiths name implies both Michael and Faith represent Faith and in Faith accomplish Mighty feats.

Through an individuals Consciousness everything manifests in their life. When one has complete faith that the Life within is Divine and Creative by nature mighty things can be accomplished for in Faith Great Power is generated.

Metaphysical: Michael and Faith represent complete recognition and realisation of the All-conquering Power of God within and a Godlike or Perfect state of Being.

These images of the Archangels and Archeia have come forward and are a key to their essence; to be used for purposes of inspiration, meditation and contemplation.