Archangels of the Seven Rays – An Introduction

Embodied within and projecting each Ray are Twin Solar Angels working for the unfoldment and upliftment of our Earth and all that dwells in and on Her.

The Images of these Mighty Solar Beings are the key to their existence and essence, to form any ideas of their power, role and purpose or their true form or image would only be that, an idea.

The human mind cannot comprehend the might of such Beings, they are beyond our comprehension. The human mind likes to categorise in order of rank, power or greatness, the Divine Mind does not work this way for in the realms of Spiritual Hierarchy there is but One Mind working through all – the Eternal Divine Mind.

All members of the Hierarchies above, Angelic and Ascended Masters, are of the same mind, God’s Mind, the One Mind working in and through all, continually making new, lifting up, evolving all Creation into ever greater Light and Glory.

It is the purpose of every soul on the earth, through self-realisation, to give themselves totally into the hands of the Creator, that all, in time, may join them beyond time and space.

Inspiration from on High is not given to mystify us, it is given to inspire and give Spiritual insight to the glory, Love and Power that awaits us when we become Self-realised, when our soul will merge with Christ our True Being. Christ tells us – ‘Truth cannot be explained, Truth Is.’