Archangels Raphael and Mary – Divine Compliments

The Spirit of God, the Christ, is Universal and is the Life in all, including all ranks of Angels. Spirit is the Male – Female regenerative Power of God. Spirit is Male – Female complete.

These Solar Angels are Individually complete and centred in God, equal in every way, united by the Mighty Power of Divine Love and serve in the Absolute, as One. The Divine Intelligence centred within them is ever active, sending out the Cosmic Ray of Green. It flows into the Earth and penetrates all Life on and in Her.

The Divine regenerative Power of Christ within the Ray, is ever active renewing, within the frequency of the Green Ray the evolutionary force is refining, lifting, bringing about rebirth, affecting the Earth and all Life on and in Her.

Christ is the Divine Man on Earth which includes all human souls, it is Gods plan that every one will come to recognise and realise this mighty Truth, then to manifest the Love, Wisdom and Power of God.

Christ is the Spirit of God, the Light of the World, the Life in all things. Christ is individualised in every soul that comes into the World from above, and it is through Christ that every soul shall rise again into Eternal Glory.

The Emerald Ray

The Green Cosmic Ray represents Truth; that Immaculate Concept of the Light of the One Infinite Eternal God that permeates all Life. The Emerald Cosmic Fire is essential for all healing purpose. Its energy helps to harmonise and balance, it soothes and strengthens. A Loving Ray which incites Compassion and Understanding, it Comforts and gives Peace.

The Green Ray should be invoked and visualised by all who seek Spiritual advancement for it affects the heart centre and stimulates the mind through Consciousness. All who seek Truth through meditation come to the realisation that to lift ones Consciousness into the higher realms of Light one must be at Peace, projecting unconditional Love.

If seeking Truth and Self-realisation, never invoke this ray for the self alone but be compassionate, take time and invoke it for others as well, including the Earth and the Life in all Her kingdoms, On, In and around Her.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael – embodied within and projecting out the Fifth Ray – Emerald.

Raphael means: Healed by God or Healer

The 5th Ray – Emerald, representing Truth, the Immaculate Concept of the Christ, God’s Infinite Eternal Light. Ray of Healing.


The White Sphere in the equilateral triangle – represents the Immaculate Conception of the Christ – God’s Infinite Eternal Light.

The Golden Eagle Wings beneath this symbol – representing the Eternal Divine Power of Christ and Christ as Salvation.

The Rod of I AM – This Mystical Golden Rod with a cup at both ends – Represents the Spiritual or Etheric spine through which the Kundalini rises.

The White Sphere – represents the White Light or Consciousness of the Divine, this represents the Immaculate Conception of the Divine Christ Child.

The Emerald Sphere at the top – Represents the Consciousness of the Divine Mother embodied in the Emerald Ray.

Archeia Mary

Mary – Divine Compliment of Raphael

Archeia Mary – Embodied within the projects the Fifth Ray of Emerald representing Truth, the Immaculate Conception of the Christ – Gods Infinite Eternal Light. The Ray of Healing


The Golden Orb surmounted by the cross – represents the Power of sovereignty, Mary is recognised as the Queen of Angels. Queen of Heaven and is representative of God as Mother, the personification of God, the Mother of Nature.

Mary incarnated purposefully to become the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ through Immaculate Conception. In Mysticism Mary also represents the Impersonal Divine Intelligence, the Feminine aspect of the Godhead, the Great Mother – The Cosmic Spirit Fire, the Life Principle in man, the Kundalini Force.

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