Archangels Uriel and Aurora – Divine Compliments

The Spirit of God, the Christ, is Universal and is the Life in all, including all ranks of Angels. Spirit is the Male – Female regenerative Power of God. Spirit is Male – Female complete.

These Solar Angels are Individually complete and centred in God, equal in every way, united by the Mighty Power of Divine Love and serve in the Absolute, as One. The Divine Intelligence centred within them is ever active, sending out the Cosmic Ray of Purple and Gold. It flows into the Earth and penetrates all Life on and in Her.

The Divine regenerative Power of Christ within the Ray, is ever active renewing, within the frequency of the Purple and Gold, the evolutionary force is refining, lifting, bringing about rebirth, affecting the Earth and all Life on and in Her.

Christ is the Divine Man on Earth which includes all human souls, it is Gods plan that every one will come to recognise and realise this mighty Truth, then to manifest the Love, Wisdom and Power of God.

Christ is the Spirit of God, the Light of the World, the Life in all things. Christ is individualised in every soul that comes into the World from above, and it is through Christ that every soul shall rise again into Eternal Glory.

Archeia Aurora – Divine Compliment of Uriel

Archeia Aurora embodies and projects the Sixth Ray – Purple and Gold which is purposeful for those seeking Divine Service, also for those seeking Self-realisation.


Tau – Representing the most sacred Ineffable name of the Living God.  Also represents the dual or male-female regenerative Power of God, of Spiritual Rebirth and is a sign that the initiate is preparing for Ascension.

The faceted Diamond Sphere – Represents the pure Divine Consciousness with the pure white Light of Christ refracted through it, not only of Uriel and Aurora but of all who achieve the Mystical Unification, the complete merging of the soul, the feminine aspect of Being, with True Self which is Christ.

Archangel Uriel

Embodies and transmits the Sixth Ray of Purple and Gold.

Uriel means: El/God is My Light

The Purple and Gold Ray is purposeful for those serious about Self-realisation and Ascension.


Tau – The symbol of the Tau from ancient times has been recognised as a Sacred religious symbol, often representing the most Sacred Ineffable Name of the Living God. Here it also represents the dual or male-female regenerative Power of God, of Spiritual rebirth and is a sign that the initiate is preparing for Ascension.

The symbol of a baby on either side of the Tau – Represents the individuals Spiritual Journey to full Self-realisation. One babe represents the instinctive lower nature while the other the True Eternal Nature – Christ. Upon entering into this world there is a sense of separation, a belief that one is separate from God, separate from one another, thus denying the Life of God, the Saviour within. The path to Self-realisation and freedom entails the disciple awakening fully in the Truth that they are a physical manifestation of God.

When a soul recognises their own nature in relation to their Universal Nature the individual is ‘Born Again’, this time born of the Spirit, no longer to eat of the Tree of good and evil, but of the Tree of Life. Then the lower self disappears as it merges with the True Divine Self in what is called the Mystic Marriage between the soul and its Christ Self. Jesus said: ‘the inner becomes the outer and outer becomes the inner.’

The Cross of White light surrounded with Gold Fire – The ancient symbol of the Cross represents God the Father, Mother, Offspring. The perpendicular line represents God the Father, the Horizontal  line the Mother and where they cross is the Child – the Christ. Father – Mother, the manifestation at point.

Here it represents the Mystic Marriage between a soul and it’s Christ Self, the Bride and the Groom. The Holy Matrimony or Mystical Unification is the complete merging of the soul, the feminine aspect of our being, with the real or True Self which is the Christ.

The Butterfly with the All Seeing Eye – Represents the soul who has undergone metamorphosis, their soul being transformed through complete ‘I AM’ awareness. When this is accomplished the awakened soul has great power under their control, they become aware on various planes of Consciousness and are able to control all vibrations beneath them.

The Torch of Purple and Gold Fire – Represents the torch of Ascensions Cosmic Rays of Purple and Gold, the golden wings which surmount the torch represent the glory on which the soul rises ever higher into the exalted states of being.

Purple Fire – The Royalty of Christ

Gold Fire – The ever refining Fire.