Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst – Divine Compliments

The Spirit of God, the Christ, is Universal and is the Life in all, including all ranks of Angels. Spirit is the Male – Female regenerative Power of God. Spirit is Male – Female complete.

These Solar Angels are Individually complete and centred in God, equal in every way, united by the Mighty Power of Divine Love and serve in the Absolute, as One. The Divine Intelligence centred within them is ever active, sending out the Cosmic Ray of Violet. It flows into the Earth and penetrates all Life on and in Her.

The Divine regenerative Power of Christ within the Ray, is ever active renewing, within the frequency of the Violet Ray, the evolutionary force is refining, lifting, bringing about rebirth, affecting the Earth and all Life on and in Her.

Christ is the Divine Man on Earth which includes all human souls, it is Gods plan that every one will come to recognise and realise this mighty Truth, then to manifest the Love, Wisdom and Power of God.

Christ is the Spirit of God, the Light of the World, the Life in all things. Christ is individualised in every soul that comes into the World from above, and it is through Christ that every soul shall rise again into Eternal Glory.

The Violet Ray

This Cosmic Violet Fire now plays a major role in the raising of the whole world system through Its Loving transmuting action. Its fiery action breaks up and transmutes negative energy back into pure higher energy vibrations.

Because of our Creative Nature, every thought we have is a Creation, every thought is powered by Divine energy. Where thoughts are negative or impure we misuse the sacred energy. This self-created energy clings to us like dirty smog, it is a heavy vibration which can work its way into the physical body, affecting cell life. The Mighty Creator God has given man knowledge of the Violet Fire and its action, and has revealed that it can be invoked to work its Fiery action. A Spiritual revolution is in progress, we all must make effort to lift ourselves and others up. Invoke this Violet fire and visualise it around yourself, around others, around the earth. Invoke it in Christ’s name or in St Germain’s name or in the name of these Mighty Archangels.

Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel – embodied within and sending out the Seventh Ray – Violet

Zadkiel means: Righteousness of God, Grace of God

He is the Archangel of Freedom, Benevolence and Mercy and is the patron Angel of all who forgive.


The Golden Grail – Represents Lord Zadkiel ever pouring forth the Redeeming Transmuting Fire in the Earth and through all Life. Ever offering the soul seeking redemption to drink of His cup, the Violet Fire.

The Maltese Cross – Represents the Archangels service, the Golden Wings – in the Highest Echelons of Light.

The Golden Creative Cross or Swastika  – is the symbol of the very Mystical Seventh Ray

The Mystical Gold Sceptre – represents not only Zadkiels authority but also the Divine concept ever held in the Minds of both Zadkiel and Amethyst, that every soul shall in time be redeemed, becoming purified and merging with their True Nature – Christ.

The Golden Rod of the Sceptre – representing the redeemed soul.

The Violet Sphere – representing the souls mortal consciousness through realisation lifted into Christ Consciousness

The Diamond Sphere above – Represents the Mystic Marriage or Mystical Unification is accomplished.

Archeia Amethyst

Holy Amethyst Divine Compliment of Zadkiel

Holy Amethyst embodies the transmits the Seventh Ray – Violet.

The Seventh Ray is purposeful toward the redemption of the race in its transmuting qualities.


Amethyst in her very Mystical painting reveals only the Faceted Diamond Sphere – Represents Pure Divine Consciousness embodied within the Redeeming Transmuting Violet Fire.