At this time of Revelation

At this time of revelation, many changes are taking place upon the Earth; the planet is in upheaval, the elements in chaos. God is Infinite, God is Spirit, you are this Spirit incarnate in flesh.

The animating power in the Infinite is Christ; thought is Its means of Creation. Mankind is made in the image and likeness of God, being creative by nature. When you think you create. All Life is One in the Spirit of God; therefore every thought you have affects your environment.

Because you are One with the elements, inharmonious thoughts create distortion in the elements, on the other hand when your thoughts are loving and harmonious, you are in harmony with God, with Life Itself.

At present there is much dissension on the planet, all the negative thoughts and emotions, the violence between races and countries, the hate the greed, there is no need for detail, for all have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, if they so desire.

There is also the abuse of the planet and its resources and abuse of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. It is in part this inharmonious state of the Consciousness of the masses, that is causing the distortion in the elements and chaotic weather patterns; the earth shudders and moves under these inharmonious conditions. Never-the-less mankind is awakening Spiritually and as the world moves into a new era there are things that those consciously seeking enlightenment must be made aware of. . . . .

. . . . . Remember people do not suddenly grow wings or develop halos when they leave the physical plane, a disreputable individual here is still a disreputable individual in the next world. The vibrations of these lower planes are so close to that of the earth, that the beings existing there find it very easy to communicate with those who dwell upon the earth.

The World has become a fairground for all kinds of wizardry and witchery and for all kinds of astral art. It seems so exciting, this freedom to indulge in all manner of humbuggary, but oh it is so illusionary, so binding. These astral arts and activities cloud the mind; they blind the eyes and deafen the ears to Truth.

Many have turned to nature worship, worshipping the Sun and Moon, Solstices or trees – they will not find enlightenment and freedom here. One should not worship any part of Life or and representative of Deity. All these things or any outward form of worship is known as Baal worship – worshipping false gods. The way of truth is to worship the One Eternal Light that never waxes or wanes but ever sustains all Life.

So the earth plane has become a quagmire of astral effluent, this muck is flowing in from the lower planes in epidemic proportions.

‘Come out from among them my people Israel’

There are many in these lower planes that oppose the work of the Light and love to impersonate the Masters and other notable souls to confuse and confound. These entities offer teachings contrary to the teachings of the Brotherhood, their information is misleading and binding.

It is easy for those in the lower realms to project an image or likeness of another soul. Be discerning during any Spirit communication; Ascended Masters must never be mistaken for personal guides or helpers. Ascended Masters and Illumined souls are not of this world, they are not impressed by personal achievements or how much you have read or studied.. . . .

. . . . . .This is, however, a very exciting time for mankind, for there is much inspiration coming down from the higher inner planes, to help inspire and raise the Consciousness of the race. The serious seeker must raise their Consciousness to receive it, their thoughts and aspirations must be to the highest at all times, and they must learn to discern from whence it came. . . . .

All should be aware of the Karmic consequence of teaching others things they themselves have not discerned to be correct. To bind others with false teaching is to bind oneself, enlightenment is about freedom.

Excerpt from the book: Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils