Book: Priests of the Order of Melchizedek

Priests of the Order of MelchizedekThe 15 Great Beings represented in this book now commonly called Ascended Masters offer great insight and guidance to those who seek Divine Knowledge and Understanding along the path to Enlightenment.

Metaphysically the word Melchizedek refers to the Christ Mind or Divine Consciousness. This Mystical book gives expression to a conglomeration of Ancient Priests of the very mystical and Noble Order.

Each Master in turn reveals their current Divine Mission and Purpose in the Great Divine scheme laid down from the foundation of this world toward the gradual enlightenment of this race.

Each one opens windows and doors into the Universal Mind so that the Truth Seeker may ponder and meditate on the Light that streams through these opened portals. The human mind and intellect cannot comprehend the inner mysteries of Life Itself, they must be recognised and realised from within for that is where Truth lays waiting to be recognised.

Through the portals opened into the spheres of Super Consciousness one can understand that these Ancient Priests have guarded and kept alive the sacred ‘I AM’ teaching throughout the Ages, even when  most of the world seemed in complete darkness.

Layer upon layer of sacred mysteries for the dedicated seeker to unveil. Upon reading one understands why such mysteries are guarded. One sees that the Ancient Prophets of ‘I AM’ were not just the mouth piece of the Divine but they themselves represent states of Consciousness.

In this book: ‘The Priests of the Order of Melchizedek’ the Ascended Masters of our Great Spiritual Hierarchy, point the way for the dedicated seeker of Self-realisation. The way is inward, through Love, Wisdom, Peace, Kindness, Devotion, Dedication, Discipline and the very important quality of Discernment; this path leads to the inmost Sanctum of the Divine where each and every soul will eventually achieve the Mystical Union with the Christ within, and there be a Priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek.

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