Cataclysmic Earth Changes Begin

10 January, 2005

The time of revelation is come: the time of tribulation the prophets have been warning us about since the coming of Christ. The falling of the Twin Towers marked the beginning of the destruction of the world as we know it.

The book of Revelations holds within its pages dual information for mankind. First and foremost it reveals the inner mystical transformation which will take place in each soul as they are redeemed, enlightened and transformed into the perfect, immaculate concept of the Divine being, in the ‘image and likeness’ of God as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Secondly, it predicts world changes and suffering caused by mans refusal to change his ways and his failure to understand his/her true Divine creative nature. The creative power of God which is inherent within all can be used in a positive creative manner or a negative destructive manner.

Mankind on the whole has not taken heed of the warnings to change his/her ways and so change is forced upon man because of his ignorance.

God does not punish.

It must be understood that the catastrophic changes now taking place upon the planet and the suffering of mankind is not because God is punishing man, on the contrary. The Spirit of God, the Christ, is ever helping to raise His children out of all adversity and suffering. It is the failure to understand Truth that brings the soul to suffering. People need not a miracle to free them from their suffering, they need understanding.

Most now know of the immeasurable destruction and suffering caused by the Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami, but to understand the unseen effects one must have a deeper understanding of our one-ness with all creation.

The cataclysmic earthquake sent out its devastating waves of destruction not only across the planet earth but has sent its vibrations of distress out through the solar system as well. The sister planets have felt the earths convulsions and reacted; harmony in the solar system has been jolted; there has been literally, a tremor in the Force, for one part of a body cannot be in distress without the whole body feeling the pain.

Not only has the solar system been affected but the event is known of also, by enlightened sentient beings out in the universe who take an interest in our evolution. This is known, for our Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchy’s of other systems.

Back to the world in plight: Be aware that as this earth plane has been affected so the astral planes have been violently stirred by the event also; so be warned to be aware of negative psychic phenomena and communication. The Leopard does not change its spots.

To have insight to understand how the earths shock can affect the whole solar system, one must understand that our solar system is one body; with its planets orbiting the solar sphere. Cosmic rays criss-cross the universe, these rays are taken up by the Mighty Solar being that embodies the Sun, these rays are transformed as they pass through the Cosmic Angelic being who is the transformer. These rays are then taken up by the mighty ones who embody the planets, in turn transforming the cosmic rays further and mediate the energy out to be taken up by others down the line. This energy is electronic force or life flux and is transformed as it comes from the Font of Life through the spheres and is the Life Force that sustains all life in all spheres. Each planet has a dominant element thus individual vibration which determines which rays they attract and transform further.

So our solar system is like one body, the planets like chakras, receiving sustenance through the solar sphere.

Mankind is a microcosm of this mighty macrocosm created in accordance with the solar system. Mans seven chakras are aligned to the seven sacred planets, attracting rays from the planet of like vibration. The solar orb within man is his/her True Being, the Christ consciousness which sits upon his crown and into which life flux or Light constantly flows.

Man and the universe are one, created out of the One Divine substance containing all the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether; interpenetrating these are the Positive and Negative Creative Cosmic Fires – The Alpha and Omega – Father and Mother. Together they make the seven principles underlying all Creation. All in the Infinite Mind.

By the power of thought all things are brought into manifestation.

The power of God is Love; the power of God is Spirit; this Spirit or Love is called Christ and is the animating power in Creation.

All things that come into being come through Christ. The Supreme Infinite Creator held in His mind the perfect thought and through the Cosmic sound of ‘Aum’ manifestation took place. God creating within Him-Herself.

Mankind is created in His image and likeness having the same power of creative thought. We use this one creative force constructively or destructively – every thought we have we alter, to a degree, the elements.

Try not to be fearful in these times of change but raise yourselves into greater Light and great shall your glory be when you leave this plane of experience. Remember Christ is the leaven of the race and the individual. Christ is Love and Christ asks you even now to Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind and soul and Love your neighbour as yourself.

Christ is the Life in you, Christ is your true nature, your real self, you live in the body of Christ.

Rest in Him and be carried by Him in the Spiritual evolutionary stream of Eternal life.

Trust in Him alone and He shall be your salvation, Love and He shall be your Redeemer.

For  more information on the Creation and purpose of the planets read the book:  ‘Life Everlasting’ by Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

For more information on Earth Changes read the book: ‘Vision Tomorrow’ by Edmund Harold