Christmas Meditation on the Immaculate Concept

Mother Mary

Symbols are a Universal language, used in Mathematics, Religion, Art, Music and Literature. Sacred symbols have long been used in sacred art and in this Christmas meditation I am using sacred symbols in art.

Spiritual Mysticism holds the secrets to the human reality and beyond to Life Itself. The Sacred Inner Mysteries pertaining to the Truth of Life Itself, are tantilising but delicious as they unfold in the Heart, Mind and Soul of the dedicated mystic.

The mysteries unfold on many levels as the awareness of the seeker expands into higher states of Consciousness.

The path to Self-realisation or Truth is an inward path, for there dwelleth the Truth, the Individualized Spirit of God, the Christ. Reading or hearing what symbols represent does not reveal Truth. Mysteries must be pondered upon, meditated upon with an open loving heart as well as an open mind. The seeker must also be dedicated, disciplined and discerning, but most of all they must be full of Love, for Love is the Nature of the Divine.

When a soul aspires to the very highest, they draw on the inner or True Self, Divine Consciousness, that which is embodied within the souls inmost or highest body of Light. The Individualized Christ Consciousness in every soul is One with the totality of All Creativeness for there is but One Consciousness and that is God; this Consciousness permeates the whole mind, soul and body.

When the Beloved Lord Jesus Christ walked the earth He taught the masses in parables so the inner mysteries were veiled, for in Spiritual Law the inner mysteries are never taught to those not seeking, thus not prepared. One must be prepared Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally for the Spiritual Forces that are released within by the awakening of the Christ Nature are potent. If the seeker has not mastered through discipline his or her thought patterns and emotional habits the force can be destructive to the self and to others.

Inspired mystic artists past and present used, and still use, symbols in art so that other seekers of Truth could read in the art the full mystical implications of what the artwork represents, or the work can inspire Spiritual Contemplation on the mysteries represented.

In this very symbolic mystical painting you see Mary the Holy Virgin Mother, with the Divine Christ Child, sitting on the Moon. The Virgin Mary who through the Holy Spirit or Spirit of Truth, experienced the Immaculate Conception of the Christ Child Jesus and delivered Him into this World.

`And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, full of grace and Truth.’

Mary was fully aware of her Divinity, she realised that the Spirit of God was Her True Nature and was expressing Itself through Her. The Spirit is Creativeness Itself, It has Will, Intelligence and Wisdom. Spirit is the Consciousness of God, and the Eternal Life in all.

When the Archangel Gabriel said to the Holy Mary:

`Hail, thou art highly favoured, the Lord is with Thee, blessed art thou among women.’
`Fear not Mary, for thou hast found favour with God.’
`And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus.’

Mary believed because She was filled with the Holy Spirit, aware of the source of her own Being and aware that the Light of All Life lit Her Consciousness. Mary held Her innermost and highest thoughts in the Consciousness of the Absolute at all times and thus She was a vessel of pure Creative Expression of the Father-Mother God.

Mary is also representative of every soul, and in mythology is associated with the moon, which also represents the soul. The moon in all its glory reflects the Light of the Sun, which represents the Light of the World, the Christ. The moon does not have a Light of its own and so it is with the soul, it has no light of its own; it is the Spirit of God within which gives it Light and Life. A soul fully awakened in Truth, like the full moon, shines forth Great Light.

Holy Mary, revered as the Queen of heaven, Hailed by Angels and Archangels also represents the Impersonal Divine Intelligence, the Feminine aspect of the Godhead.

In the deep mysteries Mary also represents the Great Mother, Cosmic Spirit Fire, the Life Principle in man, the Kundalini Force. The Feminine Principle of the Godhead resides in every soul, as does the Masculine for they are One and inseparable. Thus Mary personifies God as Mother.

The symbol of the Swastika around Mary and in the Universe represents not only the Virgin Mother delivering forth the Christ child Jesus, but also the Feminine aspect of the Godhead or God the Mother, bringing forth into manifestation the Immaculately Conceived in the Mind of God Universe, that surrounds Her. All things exist in the Mind of God. This symbol is used in connection with an individual, human, Angelic or Mighty Cosmic Self. The Swastika, or Cross of Creativeness, represents a point in the Mind of God where the Creator finds unlimited Creative Expression. This point is the Mind and Consciousness of One who has total Divine Awareness.

Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of God, delivered into this World the Divine Christ Child the Word, the Light, the Spirit of God. Jesus Christ came into this world as the exemplar of Spiritual Life, of the human and Divine Being.

He came to heal the mind of man by giving him Spiritual Knowledge and understanding through His teachings and by the living example of Enlightenment.

He demonstrated the illusion of death, and revealed to men and women that their greatest sin was their ignorance of their True Creative Nature and their Divine Son ship with the Infinite Eternal Life.

Jesus recognized within His heart and soul his own Divinity and through this Divine Life in Him He overcame the world, transcending every vibration. His Consciousness merged with the Infinite Consciousness and He became as it were transparent, giving full expression to all the Might and Power of God.

He was in the world but not of it, for He told us so. Jesus did not have the desires and urges of a man, nor did He have earthly interests or hobbies, because His Consciousness was not of this world. He came only to fulfill His Divine Mission in the world. Because the Consciousness of Jesus had merged fully with the Consciousness of the One Masculine and Feminine God, He was in full, the Christ. Jesus personified the `Father’; His words were the Fathers words, His thoughts the Fathers thoughts, his works the Fathers works. He declared: `I and my Father are One.’

Looking at the colours of the nebula the eyes are drawn into the Universe beyond, into Infinity. The Cosmos is a mighty living expression of the Infinite, Eternal Mind of its Creator, all things exist in the Mind of God and God expresses Him-Herself through the Infinite variety of the Life forms He-She has created.

Wishing everyone a Joyful and Happy Christmas
Love, Light and Peace
Leona Lal-Singh

Anyone who is thirsty for the Spiritual Knowledge concerning the birth of the Universe and the Solar System of which we are an integral part, I highly recommend the book: `Life Everlasting’ by Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne. It can be purchased Here

The  information contained in this compelling book was given Him by one of the Great Ascended Masters.