Desecration of the Sacred Mysteries

Once again it is that special time of year that has been marked to commemorate the Mystic Birth of the beloved Jesus Christ.

The subject that I have been inspired to write about this year is the emergence of a belief that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross but that He disappeared, married and had children. Unfortunately it seems that many have accepted this idea as Truth and it has a growing cult like following around the World.

First one must look at the Divine Mission of Lord Jesus Christ. His mission was and still is to reveal to mankind the All-empowering Truth, that the Living Christ of God is incarnate and is the Eternal Life within every soul and can never be separated from them. Jesus the Christ came into the World as the exemplar of Spiritual Life, of the human and Divine Being. He came to raise the mind of man by giving him Spiritual knowledge and understanding through His teachings and by being the living example of Enlightenment.

His Life unfolded through Seven major acts.

1.       His Mystic Conception and Birth.
2.       The Awakening of His Divine Nature.
3.       The Consecration of His Life to God.
4.       The Temptation.
5.       The Crucifixion.
6.       The Resurrection.
7.       The Ascension.

The Seven Major Acts of Jesus Christ are pertinent to every human soul on the planet. Those of you who in earnest seek the Truth that leads to freedom from the bonds that tie you to the earth plane must understand that Jesus Christ taught by the example of His own Life and His teachings are pregnant with the inner Mysteries pertaining to our True Being.

To desecrate the Sacred Mysteries of Christ is to deny those who seek to enter and unveil the Inner Mysteries which lead to the unfolding of the Infinite Eternal Life or the Light of Christ within the Consciousness of the seeker.

Our physical bodies are the Holy Temples of the Spirit of God within. Christ is the Spirit of the One Infinite Creator and is individualised in each and every soul. Christ is the Real Self in every soul, the True Nature of us all, slumbering within until True Spiritual awakening. All must seek with passion and great Love for God that the Light of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power unfold within their Consciousness, their Minds, their Hearts, their Souls.

The Christ incarnate within every soul is the only child of God, the Life, the Truth, the Creator God within, birthless and deathless. God and His Creation are One and can never be separated.

There is no Life without God and this Life is Eternal, and Jesus died on the Cross of His Crucifixion so He could rise again to show us the illusion of so called death. It was for this He came into the World, to show us that Life is Eternal and that the Spirit of God is the One Life in All.

We are all Spirit, the incarnation of the Light, here to experience this world of illusion. It is in this world we experience the illusion of time and space and must learn that in the Real, there is only now, Eternity is Now. It is in this world that we must overcome the ignorance concerning the Real Spiritual Self, we must learn to discern the True from the false and learn to see the Oneness of all Life and Love accordingly. We must overcome the instinctive or lower nature that the True Spiritual Nature be fully expressed. Let no one deny you entry into the exulted state because they themselves cannot believe in the Divinity of man.

God has created every soul an individual for His own Infinite expression and He awaits our individual awakening in Him.

Jesus recognised within His heart and soul His own Divinity and through the Divine Life in Him He overcame the World and transcended every vibration. His Consciousness merged with Infinite Consciousness and He became, as it were, transparent, giving full unlimited expression to All the Might and Power of God. He was in the World but not of it, He told us so.

Jesus did not have the desires and urges of a man nor did He have earthly interests because He had transcended this world in Consciousness, His Consciousness was not of this World.

He came only to fulfill His Divine Mission. Because the Consciousness of Jesus had merged fully with the Consciousness of the Creator He was in full, The Christ.

Jesus personified God; His words were Gods words, His thoughts Gods thoughts, His works Gods works. He said: ‘I and my Father are One.’

The Spiritually unaware or Spiritually dead as Jesus called them, seek to find a tomb containing earthly remains of the Lord, but they shall find none for He left nothing behind.

The Sacred Sixth Act was the Resurrection.

On that great day of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the illusion of death was revealed to the race for He showed us that the soul does not die but continues after the mystery called death.

Jesus the Christ of God, by the Power of His own Will attracted atoms of ether so He could appear physically and in this way appeared to His disciples in His Resurrection body. The Resurrection body is the body in which we rise from the physical. Life is Eternal and when the physical body is finished with we enter a higher and more expansive expression of the One Divine Life. The plane we gravitate to depends upon our Spiritual awareness and expression.

Because Jesus had raised His Consciousness to such a high degree, the vibration of His physical body was raised so high that as it lay in the tomb it dematerialised, the atoms returning to the plane of substance from which they had come.

The Seventh Act was the Ascension.

Christ is the Spirit of God and is the Eternal Life within; the Ascension is the full realisation of this Mighty Truth. And as His physical body dispersed back into the ethers so did His Resurrection body disperse into its more purified plane of substance. From whence He came so did He return so that the Spirit of Truth may enter into our hearts to reveal the Great and Sacred Mysteries to us.

The coming of the Christ into the world, to be the Light of the world, was ordained from the very foundation of the world.

The deep inner Mysteries of Christ are veiled Truths pertaining to mans Divine Nature and His descent into incarnation in this world and then through ‘awakening’ and ‘illumination’ His ascent back into His True Spiritual state.

To comprehend the inner Mysteries one must elevate their Consciousness from this world and into the higher realms; for Truth lies beyond the human mind.

But how can one ponder the Sacred Mysteries for Truth and Illumination if the Mysteries have been desecrated? They cannot.

Our Spiritual Hierarchy have warned us, as Christ did 2000 years ago, that in these times as we pass from one cosmic age to another that many false teachers and false Christ’s would arise to confuse and mislead, so one must be aware and extremely discerning.

The One Infinite Eternal God of All Life is Love, Wisdom and Power and when we Love Him with all our heart, mind and soul He denies us nothing, the whole treasury that is Christ becomes available to us.

All things exist in the Mind of God or Divine Mind. The Infinite Creator by the Power of Creative thought formed the Universe and all Life therein and we are an integral part or unit of that Universe. Our True Nature is the very same Creative Power by which we came into being. Christ the Spirit of God is within and behind all Life. This is your treasury inherent deep within you; all the secrets of Creation for the Creator and His Creation are One. ‘Seek and ye shall find’.

Do not accept the ideas and beliefs of the worldly or the material minded who still sleep in Christ, you are a Universal Being, open your minds to the possibilities and your hearts to God and fly. And do not allow any of the same to remove from your vocabulary the word ‘Christmas’, never deny or be ashamed of Christ for He never denies you.