Diamond Minded

Free yourself from the Bondage of Mass Consciousness Sickness, suffering, poverty, trouble and tribulation abound in the world today and part of our Spiritual journey is to overcome these negative vibrations that bombard us every second of the way.

It is difficult to hold within the mind the Immaculate Concept of ones self and others while existing in this plane of experience, this plane of gross ignorance of mans True Being. This means to hold within the mind and human Consciousness the awareness that the True Self is perfect, the True Self or True Nature being Spirit or Christ.

We are units of the ONE Infinite Eternal Life descended down through the planes into the human experience.

Our Real Self Christ, who has been given all Power is the Life within us; as a seed clothed in a body of Light and incarnate within a body of flesh that we may experience this world and gradually unfold the True Nature and give greater and greater expression to Christ.

The degree of the Power of Christ Life expressed is according not to ones belief, but the degree of awareness of the indwelling Presence.

The Christ Self is like unto the Father-Mother Creator God creative by Nature, thus continually creating by the Power of thought thereby continually affecting the health and wellbeing not only of ones self, but all other Life on the planet.

Those on the path to self realisation can find that to hold the Immaculate Concept of the True Being, and hold it firmly enough as to out picture the state of perfect health within the physical, can be a struggle. To hold this Immaculate Concept firmly we must raise our Consciousness out of the mire of world Consciousness, we must be ‘born again’ to a higher state of awareness.

The struggle to be ‘born again’ Spiritually, can be likened to the birth we experience to enter this world. It is a difficult journey being squeezed and projected out of the slumbering state of the darkness of the womb into the light of day in this world. So is it a struggle to be ‘born again’ out of the darkness of ignorance of this world into the Spiritual freedom of the True Self. It is a struggle because belief in disease and death and all the negative ideas, emotions and desires are ingrained into the mass human Consciousness of the race and we are indoctrinated into this state when we enter this world.

The mass human Consciousness can be likened to a great lake that has been polluted through ignorance and all life that exists and has its being in the darkened muddy waters are affected and infected by it; most become sick suffer and die a physical death. They exist in the polluted waters as we exist in the polluted mass human Consciousness, they cannot escape but we can, but only with great effort and dedication. This state of Consciousness came about because man on the whole has denied the God within, he has denied his own Divinity and replaced it with an illusionary God in some far off heaven and made him a God to fear.

We struggle to hold the Immaculate Concept of the perfection of our True Nature and out-picture it in the physical form because we are constantly being bombarded with the thought patterns and beliefs of the masses. Because we are creative beings having inherited the Creative Power of thought from our Father-Mother Creator, we are constantly creating thought forms. As we think, our thought become enveloped in a dense form of ether vapour which is attracted by the vibration of the thought patterns; moment to moment we are creating these projectiles, for our thoughts are projected out passing first through the atoms and cells of our own soul and body, then out into the ethers and into the elements where they then enter the human Consciousness of the masses, thus they affect all life. So not only does our thinking affect our own health and well-being but also the health and well-being of the masses.

We are constantly invaded by the ideas, beliefs, fears, doubts and superstitions of others and it is not only through the ethers but also through the media that this happens; we are affected through television, radio, magazines, books and newspapers, the internet and now mobile phones. We are indoctrinated by the Consciousness of the masses and we must be aware of this fact. Man fears war, disease and death and all the time in his ignorance of his True Creative Nature he is creating the very things he fears. Our originality is smothered, our True individuality veiled, people are suffocating in the mass human Consciousness of this material world including that which comes from the lower astral planes.

To escape the bonds of the mass Consciousness we must be ‘born again’ we must free ourselves from the constant drag of the illusionary state of the masses and hold steadfastly within our Consciousness the Immaculate Concept of our True Nature, while discerning all that is contrary to it, only then shall we out-picture our True Perfection in the body; thus overcoming disease and old age and also helping to raise the Consciousness of the whole race.

Christ is our Saviour, our Redeemer, in Him alone is Life. Christ our True Divine Nature has been given Power over all things; in Christ nothing can hurt you; there is no sickness, no death. We have only to awaken to this Mighty Truth.

Each and every one of us is an individual expression of the Creator, we must exemplify our uniqueness. We must demonstrate our individuality and originality in Christ; we must become as it were, Diamond Minded, free of the muck created in the Mass Consciousness by ignorance. This means let your mind shine like a faceted diamond, sharp and bright so that your True Christ Consciousness can express Its powerful creative individuality through it.

When your mind is as a shining diamond the arrows of fear, doubt, illusion and superstition cannot penetrate, but the rays of Light and Truth shall be attracted to and enter into the mind through Divine Consciousness.

The ‘Illumined Ones’ are constantly projecting through the ethers thought patterns of Love, Light, Peace and Truths, Divine ideas and inspirations for all who can receive. Through their Omnipresent Consciousness they enfold all Life, but only those not caught up in the world, those who have raised their Consciousness and opened their minds in Truth can receive their continuous blessings. Only those whose minds shine like Diamonds and are demonstrating their Divine Individuality and originality can give free expression to the Cosmic Inspiration that comes from on high and enters us through the Lotus centre in the Ray of the Christ Light. Also important is the Aura which we can use as a mighty shield when bright with the radiation of Christ within and this comes about when we are expressing unconditional love, purity and kindness, gentleness, joy, compassion and humility.

Make it a daily practice to take time out from the chatter and illusion of this world, find a quiet place and withdraw, turn inward to the Spirit within and contemplate the Divine; seek to unfold the inner mysteries of the Infinite Eternal Life that dwells within you.

First you must raise your Consciousness for the Truth you seek is beyond your human mind, you can do this through the vibration of Love, unconditional Love, for like attracts like. As you turn your focus inward fill your heart with Love and Reverence for God, He who is your Life, be aware that His Presence dwells within you and Praise His Holy name and He shall raise you. When your Consciousness is raised into the higher Spiritual realms you shall ‘see’ the illusion of sickness and death. Know that you are a precious individual child of the Infinite Eternal Creator, created for His-Her own creative expression.

Become Christ Conscious; God is Love, God is Spirit, you are this Spirit incarnate in flesh. The animating Power in the Infinite God of All Life is Spirit – Christ, this is your True Nature.

When you think you create with the same Divine substance out of which you were created. Like a radio station constantly transmitting Divine energy, subliminal messages which can be positive loving, healing and uplifting or negative and destructive.

If you become ill do not ignore it but always seek help quickly from medical or health professionals and try to find the cause of that which affects you. Never fear illness for if you fear anything you give it power over you, Christ is the only power there is and Christ has been given dominion over all things, Christ is your True Self; never give your power to anything that is not positive. Always in health or in sickness hold that Immaculate Concept of your True Inner Perfection, for in Truth you are Perfect, your Real Self is Perfect, the Eternal Youth, the Christ of God in which there is no sickness, no old age nor death; you can never be separated from Christ.

God is Spirit, God is Love, God is Christ, you are a child of the Living God of All Life, He created you out of Him-Herself and He sustains you moment to moment and shall for Eternity. If you suffer know your suffering is not in vain for through suffering you find Spiritual Growth.

Beloved Mary tells us that every tear that falls is like a precious jewel. These next words are from Her: “Always remember your Divine Heritage, you were all Immaculately conceived in the Mind of God. Remember this and act accordingly. Your thoughts are your own creations, like your own children, let them go forth from you like Angels with Healing in their Wings.”