Divine Healing of Mind and Body

by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne


Description given by Miss I. Bagot-Smith


In the spring of 1948 a series of talks was given in …………………. To those who were chosen to hear them, this was a unique and unforgettable experience. No one who heard them could ever be the same again. They were hours of the highest spiritual growth and understanding. It was as though a veil were torn from our eyes and we could see clearly. The veritable presence of the Master became so strong a reality to us that it has never faded but grown in intensity and vividness. And always, since that time, when we lift our minds to spiritual things, suddenly we know the Master is beside us, the Power of the Father is within and all is well.

It was not the actual words that made these lectures so amazing; it was the way they were delivered. The words themselves will ring in our memories for ever, but the greatest Truth was shown to us without words, and no description could ever convey the tremendous force of the Presence of the Master, and, through him, the Love of the Father – a distinct evidence more real than anything physical around us.

As the lecturer entered, he was the kindly, smiling man we all knew so well. After a pause of silence, he seemed to breathe himself out of his body in a sudden gasp, leaving it swaying and without control. Then suddenly an amazing change took place: a short, sharp intake of breath and the very Master was present, in the same body, but utterly different. We knew perfectly well that the lecturer was still the man we had all known and respected for years, but at the same time he was someone completely different. The change was so startling that our benumbed senses could scarcely credit it. But at the same time it was true, and we knew it was true. The man before us now appeared unusually tall, much taller than the lecturer himself. Words cannot tell the strength of this astounding truth but it was so. We were forced to believe it beyond the evidence of our ordinary senses.

Here now before us was a man, commanding of aspect, austere and of great authority, with brilliant eyes and an assurance of power. Straight and tall he stood before us and with deep solemnity he pronounced his regular greeting.

“My peace I bring to you.”

As the speaker progressed and we became more understanding, the greeting changed to “My peace and my love I bring to you,” “My peace and my blessings I bring to you.”

The blessing was given with the two first fingers of the right hand raised in the manner of a king; and low our hearts bowed before its majesty.

A quietness spread through the hall: a vibrating power like a stream of warmth passed through our bodies, burning wherever any part was imperfect, and healing as it flowed.

As one talk followed the other, we could feel our own vibrations raised and our understanding clarified and lifted to a plane far beyond our everyday life. In dawning comprehension we listened to truths greater than any we had ever heard, and yet – to our wondering astonishment  –  we realised they were the same statements we had heard and read since infancy. But only now did we understand their meaning. Suddenly the lightning Truth flashed into our minds and at last we knew the power of what the Master had first said so many years ago. And then His Truths became, for us, Reality, part of our very being, to be held precious in a golden silence from now on into Eternity. . . . .

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