Freedom for the Serious Seeker

Freedom for the Serious Seeker

This time of change is upon us; The Ascended Masters are working to the plan of the Infinite Divine Mind, to raise the awareness of the race of man. If you do not wish to be a straggler you must let go now of old teachings, old beliefs and ideas that you may embrace the Higher Law of Love – The Law of Redemption. For once we turn completely inward to He who created us in His image and likeness we shall be redeemed by His Mighty Love.

This meditation is about freeing ourselves from our self created prison walls, walls that restrict the flow of inspiration and our True expression and are created by our ideas and beliefs. Our level of awareness is formed by the ideas and beliefs that we hold in our minds. Examine some of the illusionary teachings and sciences that interest us, and see the error of giving power to any of these, and the error of giving power to anything outside the self.

Within us all dwells the Christ of God. Christ means the presence of God within us. It is this alone that redeems and raises us into absolute consciousness, the knowing of All things; having All Power.

When we say ‘I Am’ we are proclaiming our Divinity; our Oneness with God.

It is to this Presence within us that we must give all power, then all power will be ours. If we are to expand our awareness of our True nature and express more and more of this Divinity, we must revere this indwelling light alone and give power to nothing and no body outside ourselves.

We have all been led astray by false teachings, false religious ideas and beliefs about the Creator and the created. If we wish to elevate our consciousness into the planes of Light it is of absolute necessity to let dissolve all our fixed beliefs and ideas so that the Light of Truth may enter our Consciousness to Illuminate us.

We give power to things outside ourselves because we have been told they have power over us. Many believe that the planets rule our lives, thus giving them the power to do so. There are those who ascribe everything to the movement of the planets, some organising their lives around them. This is really worshipping the form and not the One Eternal Light that gives us Life. Some believe that if they are born under the sign of Cancer or Libra etc, they will have certain qualities and weaknesses attributed to those signs. This creates conflict in the understanding of ones True nature and purpose. This is only a belief, an idea, and as you believe so it is unto you. This belief creates conflict in understanding ones True purpose and limitations to ones Divine expression and is not Truth. Our ideas limit our Divine expression. God did not give us Life to be ruled by the planets, he gave us Life for Himself, and we must have faith that this Supreme Power alone guides our Lives for His-Her own Divine purpose. We were not created to be puppets for the planets but vessels for Gods own expression.

Numerology is very interesting and it is good to understand the science of numbers and how they work in our life. But the time has come when man and woman must realise that the Supreme Lord of All Life is incarnate within and awaiting their recognition and devotion. This ‘Life’ within is the greatest power there is. To give power to anything that limits Divine expression means that you are denying the Christ of God within.

All these things, Astrology, Numerology and many other sciences and religious beliefs exist and hold power over men and women, but they are not Truth. They hold power only over those who live in separation and duality, those who are unaware of their True Being. Man gives them power and imprisons himself by his own erroneous beliefs, where as Truth gives man freedom. There is no place for these teachings and ideas in the consciousness of the disciple seeking enlightenment and freedom.

Another pitfall along the path which can limit or trap you are Readings. We all love to receive a message from beyond and even better a reading. If these come from a good source they can be helpful guidance and prepare us for the pathway ahead and they can be comforting. On the other hand, if the source is not good, they can be very misleading and fill you with fear etc; so we must be discerning. We must be careful not to give power to them, especially things concerning our future. We imprison ourselves within our beliefs, making it impossible for the Light of Truth to penetrate. We have then bound ourselves by our ideas waiting for something, which may or may not eventuate. Truth is freedom, not bondage; we must express the Spirit now moment to moment, not bind ourselves. The Spirit of God within us is Now and expressing Itself Now moment to moment, not waiting for some event in the future which does not exist in reality. We must learn to exist only in the now.