This meditation, called Honesty, has been inspired that we may be guided within to look at ourselves very seriously; to study the way we think; the way we react emotionally; our desires, our actions and our conversations.

If we are serious about our Spiritual awakening and truly desire the Glory of Gods Light to shine in and through us we must be extremely honest with ourselves.

To do this you need to sit each evening where you can be at peace, enter a meditative state then from this elevated state of awareness look at yourself and see yourself as you live from day to day.

Examine carefully your thought patterns; are your thoughts about others always kind; are your thoughts always kind and loving towards the animals? Are your feelings toward people loving or do you find at times you are judging people and do you look at them critically and become irritated by them and have unkind thoughts about them?

Are your thoughts always clean and your desires wholesome and pure; or at times do your thoughts travel for pleasure through the lower senses and do your desires oppose the Light?

All on the path to enlightenment are seeking to raise their awareness; to raise their Consciousness. This means they are trying to Spiritualise the Consciousness with the Light of Christ; they are working toward Christ Consciousness.

When the thought patterns and emotions become negative in any way, fearful, hateful, angry, judging, envying or low and unwholesome the Light immediately withdraws, for it knows nothing of these things; the vibration is pulled down and becomes coarse. So these negative thoughts, emotions and desires rob you of Spiritual Power; they prevent you raising your Consciousness.

How often through the day are your thoughts about Spiritual things? Spiritual thoughts are the uprising of the Christ or Spirit within you.

How often each day do you converse with this indwelling Light within you? When we are in the positive; loving unconditionally, being kind and having Spiritual aspirations we pull down copious streams of Light which raises our vibration and awareness. This fills us with Life Force, Vitality and Power. Every time we think of God with Love or Praise God in Truth, there is a great influx of Light and Power.

Remember we attract like vibration, if our thoughts and desires are not pure and wholesome we will attract like minded souls to befriend us and thus they can become anchors to our Consciousness.

When we dwell in the Spiritual and our thoughts are pure we radiate the Light of Spirit and so will attract like minded souls. Souls seeking Light and guidance will also be attracted to us; like moths in the darkness of night are drawn to a light; so many souls living in the darkness of the world are attracted to Gods living Light.

If you are plagued by thoughts and or desires which oppose the Light do not fight and struggle with them and do not try to suppress them or they will jump up and bite you when you least expect it. So how do we deal with these unwanted problems? We sit in the Presence if the indwelling Light, visualise this radiant Light above your crown and invoke it in the name of Christ. The Christ Light is the Living God within us; place these troublesome thoughts and desires in the White Light. The Light, as it does with all things, will raise them up and yourself.

Every thought, every emotion, every desire has a colour; the more White Light that enters that colour the paler it becomes. For instance the red of anger becomes the pink of Love. The more Light you invoke, the paler your unwanted thoughts and desires become until at last they disappear within the white. If you are serious about purifying your mind and raising your Consciousness be determined and persistent with this mission and pray to the Father to raise your unwanted thoughts and desires and dissolve them into His Light.

Those who seek enlightenment; those who want to awaken fully to their True Nature, above all else, are encouraged to turn away from all forms of sense thought and activity otherwise the Consciousness cannot become Spiritualised. This stage of development cannot be forced, the desire for purification and Spiritualisation must come from within. The disciple must be ready and consent to the purifying fires of Spirit to come upon them.

To force such purification through cosmic fire would be destructive, it would also cause inner conflict and peace would be gone. We have already learned Truth can only be found through Peace and a contented mind.

You must look seriously at the way you speak, at the conversations you have. Language is a Divine gift and should be used accordingly; disciples of Truth must become aware that everything they do they use the power of God to do it. So it is with speech, we use the power of the Universe to utter every word. When we use this power unwisely in speech we are accountable. Do you always use the power of speech wisely? Are your words always positive, kind, uplifting, loving and guiding? Are your words ever condemning or hurtful to others.

The disciple must learn that the voice is Holy unto God and the throat a centre of Divine Power; thus we must learn to use these parts wisely.

Because we are out picturing continually those ideas we hold in our mind and the thoughts we have, we are all what we wish to be. We are all products of our thoughts and desires. Think now very honestly, are you happy with that which you see yourself to be or do you wish to make some changes.