Painting of Jesus on a White Horse

The Mission of Jesus Christ was and is to reveal to the human race the All-Empowering Truth, that the Living Christ of God is incarnate, and is the Eternal Life within every soul and can never be separated from them. When people truly believe this they will no longer experience the illusion of separation or death.

Symbolism is a universal language and is often used to help unfold Spiritual Mysticism:

The Blue background represents God’s Will and Power.

The White Horse: represents the pure Omnipotent, Omniscient Consciousness of It’s rider.

The Crown: shows the sovereignty of Christ – The Prince of Peace.

The Golden Cross: the emblem of Salvation. The Cross is a powerful symbol for Jesus Christ, for upon a wooden cross Jesus laid down His Life, not for His benefit but for the benefit of all. If He had not laid down His Life how could He raise It up again to show all who live that death is an illusion. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was the 6th of 7 major acts through which His Life unfolded. 

God the Father-Mother is the Cause of all manifestation and can never be separated. The symbol of the Cross represents the Father-Mother-Child. The perpendicular line represents the Father, the horizontal line the Mother and the point where they cross is the point of manifestation. This point represents the Child – the Christ – the Light of the World.

The Golden Sword: bearing the name of Jesus Christ represents Jesus as the Spirit sword of Light, of Truth, who came into this world to break down and destroy false concepts and erroneous beliefs which place man as a separate entity from God. 

The Eye of God: on the mystical left hand of the Lord represents the Infinite, Omniscient, Omnipresent nature of Christ. Represents the Holy Trinity: Father – Son and Holy Spirit and Father – Mother – Child.

The Golden Fish: represents the `ICHTHYS’ or `ICHTHUS’ which is the Greek word for fish. The letters of the Greek word form the initial letters.

I –   Jesus

X – Christ

Θ – of God

Y –  Son 

Σ –  Saviour


The symbol was adopted by early Christians as a secret sacred symbol. It is now recognised as the sacred ‘Sign of the Fish’ or the ‘Jesus Fish’.  Early Christians, during their terrible persecution by the Roman Empire in the first centuries after Christ, used the Fish symbol to mark secret meeting places and tombs, as well as to distinguish friends from enemies.

The Golden Six pointed Star – Star of David: formed by superimposing an equilateral triangle upon another of equal size, one mirroring the other. The equilateral triangle, is connected to the sacred number three and represents the concept of Deity and perfection in geometric form. Love is perfect in Itself and manifests It’s own perfection in All Creation. David represents Divine Love individualised in human consciousness, Jesus was the Perfect man in Christ. The Golden Star – represents Jesus’ fulfilment of God’s Law. God’s Law is Love.

Christ – The Light of the World, the Word that was made flesh and came into the World to bear witness to the Truth. Christ is the Eternal Light and Life in all things, Christ is the Spirit of God, the Consciousness of God, Christ is the individualised Spirit of God in every man, woman and child. Christ is the Spirit in all. A drop of the Ocean has the same quality as all the ocean. Christ is everywhere.

Jesus – The First complete expression; Complete Intelligence expressed through One as an example to others. Christ is the leaven of the Race and of the World.

(KJV) Revelations 22: Jesus says:

Verse 13: I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

Verse 16: I Jesus have sent mine Angel to testify these things in the churches. I AM the root and the offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star.

Verse 20: Surely I come quickly.

Jesus last words on the cross – IT IS FINISHED


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