Mary – The Immaculate Conception

Mary - The Immaculate Conception

Mary – The Immaculate Conception

Mary, since the birth of Lord Jesus, has been a mighty source of Love, Inspiration and Comfort to millions. The Holy Mother has inspired countless artists, musicians and authors; she has also been the source of much controversy. For those who have stepped onto the path to Self-Realisation and are seeking the mysteries of being, Mary’s life and role she played in the coming of the Messiah are ripe with the seeds of truth. Symbols to a Mystic can be a universal language when understood, revealing the inner Truths of Being.

The Symbolism

Mary here painted with the Universe as her backdrop, represents the Immaculate Concept of the manifestation of the Spirit. ‘The Word that became flesh and dwelt among us.’
Every act written about Mary in the Holy Bible has an inner as well as an outer interpretation; the Mystic seeks to understand by the Spirit and not the letter.

The symbolism in this painting is profound and can only be touched upon lightly here. As is the Macrocosm so is the Microcosm.

Here we see Mary the Immaculate Mother, fully awakened in Truth, aware that the Creator is expressing Itself through Her, she knows the source of Her being, Her Oneness with the Father – Mother God. She knows She is filled with the Spirit of God, that which we call Christ, She knows it is this Christ Light that Lights Her consciousness. Mary is aware she is made in the image and likeness of the Infinite Creator, that is being creative by nature, having the power of Creative Thought.

Mary held always within Her mind, within Her consciousness the Immaculate Concept of the Truth and after she was visited by the Angel Gabriel, who told her she would conceive of the Holy Spirit, she believed. Within Her consciousness, without  a shadow of a doubt, she held the immaculate idea of the perfect child, the Son of God, the Divine Child and because of the purity of Her soul and her awareness of Her Divine Nature the Spirit of Truth did quicken a cell within Her womb and thus the Immaculate Conception of the Light of the World, The Christ was accomplished.

The Universe represents the Infinite mind of God.

She sits upon the Moon which represents here, Divine Intelligence or God as Mother, which indicates she is a personification of God as Mother.

Sitting on Her knee is the Perfect Christ child of the Immaculate Concept and Conception.

The golden slippers show her enlightened consciousness or Christ consciousness, feet being representative of thoughts and ideas.

On Her gown is the cross with the circle around her neck, which represents the feminine or Mother.
The stole of many colours represents the raiment or Aura of Mary’s enlightened soul – All colours are contained within the White light.

The Sacred Golden Cross of Creativeness reveals that Mary is the fully awakened soul, giving unlimited creative expression to the living God within Her.

The Cross of Creativeness

Unfortunately certain individuals misuse of the symbol of the swastika, or Cross of Creativeness (a name I have been inspired to use), has through different cults and events in the world, caused people to fear it. It must be remembered that it is only a symbol and that the most sacred, the most Holy Creative force it represents, is still as sacred and Holy no matter who uses the symbol  for their own cause. To fear this symbol prevents one from entering into its great and sacred mysteries.