Murdo MacDonald-Bayne


To those seeking Divine Knowledge and Understanding in a bid to unfold their True Nature, the Christ Self, even Cosmic Consciousness; Those ‘Above’ recommend the works of this enlightened Spiritual Healer and Teacher – Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne.

Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne is recognised by thousands to be the greatest ever interpreter of the Inner Mysteries that Jesus Christ revealed to the World through His parables and works. The Mysteries of Christ are the mysteries pertaining to the True Nature of God and the True Nature of mankind. There is only One Truth and that Truth is God and this Great Teacher shows us repeatedly that one can never perceive the whole Truth but only grow into Truth; knowing that man and woman are made like unto their Creator God. The Creator and the Created are One and can never be separate.

For those wishing to read the works of this Great Teacher online, two e-books are available, they are: Beyond the Himalayas, Yoga of the Christ & Divine Healing of Mind and Body. They can be downloaded Here.  Many others are available from College of Universal Science

There is also an extensive selection of Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne books available from: Book Depository

Many books have been written by this remarkable teacher but there are a few, and one in particular, which stands above the others like a Great Beacon. The book is called: ‘Divine Healing of Mind and Body’ (The Master speaks again). Available from: Book Depository

All of the MacDonald-Bayne Wire recordings are available: Here for free

About Divine Healing of Mind and Body

In 1948 MMB gave a series of 14 Lectures which were to have a profound impact on all who witnessed them. In them we hear the voice and message of The Master in clear and unmistakable language. The age-old message that He had brought us 2,000 years ago was being given anew, refreshed with every word He spoke. In silent awe those present saw the brilliant radiance of His Divine Presence in their midst. This book is a must for all earnest Seekers of Truth.

Read part of an eye witness account of these lectures Here