Mysteries of the Dual Nature The Human and The Divine

Disciples of Christ must learn to discern the Truth of their dual natures for until they do the Mystic Marriage will never take place. We cannot serve two masters; we cannot serve the Law of the lower instinctive nature and wear the symbolic wedding band of the Higher Divine Law which is Spirit or Christ.

If the disciple wishes to make the Mystic Marriage where the soul merges completely with Its True Nature, they must have Divine Knowledge and Understanding which comes from the ‘Tree of Life’. We must eat of this symbolic tree to gain deeper Spiritual insight and Divine Knowledge and Understanding. Remember all that stands between you and your Christhood are your beliefs, thoughts and ideas.

Ever since the advent of Christ’s coming into the world there have been many false teachings concerning His Life and Teachings, thus there is much confusion surrounding the dual nature of man the human and the Divine Christ.

Every man and woman is a Spiritual being; the True Nature being Spirit; every soul takes on a temporary body of flesh to enter into this world of learning and experience; while in this world we exist in the lower instinctive nature; we experience through the senses and emotions but when a soul begins to awaken more to the things of the Spirit they begin to see the illusion of this world and seek to unfold more and more the Divine Nature.

Because of our inherent Creative Nature we, on this plane, are the Creators of most things that happen to us, our successes our failures, our happiness and our miseries.

We must always be aware that Gods Creations are Spiritual; but mans are both material and Spiritual according to his understanding and awareness.

As we journey the path to Christhood we must be aware of the pitfalls along the way that present themselves from within the lower nature.