Pitfalls along the Path

Let the seekers of enlightenment be not deceived, everyone who treads the mountainous path is tested, no one is exempt. Ones own pride and the dwellers of the lower planes can be the greatest of tests. One of the greatest lessons to learn is discernment. To discern from whence it came; this, in the early stages of the walk, is very difficult.

A common test is to be told that in a previous incarnation you were someone special; i.e.: Merlin, Francis of Assisi, Florence Nightingale, Abraham Lincoln and believe it or not even Jesus or one of the Twelve. Be not deceived, these things are not given you from on high but are from the lower realms; millions exist there and are always willing to deceive. A Master soul would not tell you such things for even if it were true it does not matter, you are what you are Now. To mislead you would risk you taking a Spiritual fall and a lesser path.

Great Ones do walk among us but usually not recognised for it would be a hindrance to their work. No soul is special to God; All He has is for all to claim.

The painter of these pictures and writer of these words has been inspired to share one of her great tests of discernment, that it be an example.


In the early days this dedicated seeker was told that she was the incarnation of John the Beloved, the disciple that Jesus loved. St John was chosen probably because she loved Jesus very much and found John’s was her favourite gospel. (Oh they are so crafty.) This went on for years, she would dream she was John, well meaning mediums would ring her with a ‘message from beyond’, “They tell me that you are John and if you do not except it you will not proceed along the path”. Etc, etc. This was a terrible test for this poor painter whose ego, at that time, was toward the negative; they seemed so convincing. There was a terrible moment when the confused painter nearly excepted this monstrous lie; lucky for her she didn’t for she would have fallen into a great chasm of illusion hidden on her path. Much later the fortunate painter discovered that her favourite disciple of Jesus was indeed an Ascended Master, Himself serving humanity from the Great Heights. (No wonder she couldn’t raise the dead, walk on water or multiply the loaves.)

If one accepts things from the astral realms, Spiritual pride can raise its ugly head; Spiritual pride is one of the greatest obstacles on the narrow uphill trail to self-realisation. If one becomes prideful they are of no use to the higher realms other than to be a test for others on the path.

Those in the realms of Light do not lie, how can they for they are One in Consciousness with God and God is Truth.

Proverbs 29:23  ‘A mans pride shall bring him low but honour shall uphold the humble in Spirit.’

Humility is the way of Truth, only when one is humble can they become the vessel of Truth.

‘He who is the servant of all is the greatest among us’

He is the One who is invisible but there is nowhere that He is not.