Positive Thinking and the Resurrection Body

The Power of positive thinking is well taught now and many are very aware of how their thoughts and thought patterns affect their lives, their health and their surroundings.

All is Divine Mind and the process of creation is thought. The Infinite Creator held in His Mind the perfect thought – image and through vibration manifestation took place.

Mankind being made in the likeness of his Creator has, inherent within, the same Creative Power of thought.

No Life can ever die because Life Itself is Eternal.

Man has within him the Power of Creation because his Real Self or True Nature is an individualization of the Spirit of God, also known as Christ Consciousness. This Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Consciousness or Christ Self is the Eternal Youth within, age which is in reality illusionary is only of this plane. God gives Eternal Life by becoming that which He creates. The Eternal Youth state of Consciousness can only be achieved when It is recognised and realised within the self; one must Know without a shadow of a doubt that the Consciousness of God is incarnate within and is ones only reality, we are Divine Beings on a journey of self-discovery.

The Creator God created us Perfect and forever holds each and every soul as Perfect in His Perfect Mind. We shall eventually express this Perfection; as our Father in Heaven is Perfect, so shall we express this.

Until man awakens to his True Being he struggles because he is caught up in the illusions of this material world. Because he is unaware or cannot see the Divine Eternal Perfection of his True Being, he sees old age, sickness and death, and so his thoughts and beliefs travel these roads sending out false expressions.

Every word we speak, every sound we utter has colour and form as do our thoughts; when we send forth these negative or false expressions we misqualify Divine Energy and cause imperfect creations.

Negative energy expressed is a heavy vibration and clings to the Aura like dirty smog; it accumulates and works its way into the cell life causing ill health.

So not only is this negative energy expressed, a burden on the soul, it creates so much unnecessary suffering, not only for the self but others as these dark creations come forth affecting the cell life then out into the surrounding atmosphere affecting all life.

It is difficult living in this world to give perfect expression to the Divine Life within when surrounded and bombarded by the mass consciousness of the people. It is difficult also to see only the Eternal Youth, health and beauty when surrounded by what appears to be the opposite or when the mirror shows wrinkles and grey hair or the aches and pains become a burden.

The Resurrection body of man is like unto the physical body in appearance but it is made of much finer but denser substance, and so vibrates at a higher rate than the physical body.

After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ it was His resurrection body which He, by the Mighty Power if His Will, manifested so that He could appear to His disciples to show them, by example, the illusion of the death experience.

When a soul passes from this world or plane of experience they leave the physical form to enter the next plane of consciousness. One who has been truly Born Again of the Spirit, which means, they have recognised and realised their Eternal Perfection in Christ, will find themselves in a body perfectly formed, youthful and grown to maturity, this is the Resurrection Body.

Many who believe in death when they pass do not believe they have passed because they look the same. Many but not all, who do believe in Eternal Life, when they pass still suffer from conditions from which they suffered in the physical body. This is because before they passed they held such fixed ideas and beliefs about their age and physical afflictions that they distorted the structure of their resurrection body. When the Healing Power of Truth is realised and they understand the Power of thought and belief, the false concepts fade away and the resurrection body returns to its Youthful Perfection.

The Creative individualised Spirit or I AM in every soul is continuously, by the voice and by thought, affecting not only the body and soul structure, but their surroundings.

Those seeking Enlightenment must realise that Self-realisation is the realisation of the Divine Power of expression, and the more Spiritual knowledge one has the more powerful will their word and thought expressions be. In other words, the greater ones understanding or awareness concerning True Creative expression, the more powerful does it affect their own physical body and soul structure positively or negatively depending on their expression.

The Creator God holds each and every soul as Perfect in His Perfect Mind, we as His children must learn to do the same.

If you struggle to hold in your mind the concept of your Eternal Youth Perfection because age has become a drag on your soul or because an illness or accident and or pain has conditioned your mind and it has become fixed on your affliction, following is a suggested meditation which you might like to try.

Every day if possible, several times a day would be better, close your eyes to the world of suffering and open them into the realms of Perfection in the simple Healing meditation that follows.

Music through the ages has been used in the healing arts for when one is listening to beautiful music the mind relaxes and when the mind is at Peace the body is relaxed and becomes very receptive to the magnetic healing energy.

The music spoken of is the music that is transposed from on high or celestial music which is always harmonious, melodious and beautiful with uplifting healing qualities. This music must not be confused with music inspired from the lower astral planes which is discordant, a burden on the soul and inspires low behaviour.

For your healing meditation choose a place and time where you will not be disturbed and will not be rushed. With your beautiful music playing softly, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and listen to the music letting your worries and cares fade away. As you listen begin to draw deeper breath, do not force it or struggle with it, it must be in your comfort zone. While you are deep rhythmic breathing, let a deep Peace come upon you, breathe Peace into yourself, think of the word Peace. Invoke the Peace of Christ to enter your mind, your heart and your soul. In this state of inner Peace the Healing force of the music you are enjoying will be flowing over you and through you.

The Music of the Spheres can be imagined as the Rhythm of the Heartbeat of the Eternal; waves of Cosmic force which flow from the Font of Life Itself, the Creator Creating within Him-Herself.

Rhythmic waves of Light, Sound and Colour are Eternally flowing through the Universe and through and over all Life, and as the force flows over the earth it becomes electromagnetic. Divinely inspired music is a vessel for this Healing force.

The Creator God is Love and the Healing Power flowing through and over you will be dramatically increased if you can now feel the emotion or vibration of Love in your Heart, because of the Law of Attraction in which we exist.

Elevate your thoughts into the Highest within the Self. The Highest is the innermost Sacred Sanctum of Life within the innermost core of your Being. Christ and the Father are One. Your Christ Consciousness clothed in your Highest Body of Light rests upon your Crown and His Eternal Love is anchored in your Heart.

Pray to God now; feel deep reverence for His most Holy Presence within you and feel deep Love for He who is your Life.

When a soul is moved by Love for God there is a great influx of the Light that flows into ones whole being from the Christ Consciousness which rest upon the Crown.

If you find it difficult to spontaneously feel deep and burning Love for God, think of the one you Love most in the world whether it’s a partner, child, parent or pet. Remember a special moment when you felt great Love for this One, feel this emotion in your heart, the vibration of Love. This Love is God, the Light of God, the Christ will respond to this Love and you shall receive a great influx of His Healing Light.

Now in this altered state of Consciousness a state of Love, Light and Peace, picture yourself at the age of maturity, a beautiful radiantly healthy, perfectly formed young adult; this is how the resurrection body is.  Even if from birth you have had a physical condition, your resurrection body is perfect. If you have lost a limb or any body part, your resurrection body is perfect. Believe in complete Faith that in Reality you are the Perfect Being that exists in the Perfect Heart-Mind of the Creator God.

If one can enter a meditative state of Peace and Love they open themselves to a great inflow of the Great Life Principle, the Christ or Divine Intelligence. The Spirit of God underlies all things and changes tissue structure creating perfect harmony, out-picturing the perfect image held in the Divine Mind.

All negative thoughts and beliefs concerning the physical form must cease for these prevent the Divine from working freely in and through you.

Remember one is not bound by their body but by their ideas and beliefs.

Thought patterns become habitual and form concrete like beliefs. If you are for some reason unable to practice meditation work on changing your mental activity and cultivate positive thought patterns. Whenever you have negative destructive thoughts about yourself or someone else change them immediately, refuse to feed them and replace them with positive constructive thoughts.

Practice the art of Visualisation; See your Resurrection body glowing with youth and beauty, the inner Light of the Spirit Self shining through, this is your reality. You are the Eternal Youth, never doubt this, remember Peter the Rock (the disciple of Jesus) when he doubted, he sank beneath the waves.

Some practicing such an exercise, with the Spiritual awareness that the inner or True Self is
Absolutely Perfect, find that the Healing Power of Truth has healed the outer physical condition. Establishing within the mind the Truth of the Perfection of your inner being will hold the Perfection of your Youthful Resurrection Body.

The Power of God is unlimited when flowing through a soul who has become Self-realised, Mighty things do they achieve.

Those who wish to become Self-realised just focusing on your own perfection and Oneness with God is not enough. A soul must recognise and realise the Spirit of God in all Creation. Divine Love, Life, Mind, Intelligence, Power and Will underlie and work through all things and in all kingdoms. In the atom, in the chemical elements, it underlies all cell life in the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms.

All Life is sacred for there is nowhere where God is not; one must become aware of their unity or Oneness with All Life, only when they recognise this will they awaken.

Christ teaches, the Inner Eye, the Eye of the Soul, must be filled with Light, It must See as God Sees, the Perfection of the Inner Life behind all Creation.

He teaches also that the soul must overcome the human nature with its negative thoughts and emotional reactions, that they give expression only to their True Spiritual Nature, Love, Compassion, Mercy, Kindness and Forgiveness etc.

Within man is the same Creative Force that Created Universes and filled them with Life yet through the human intellect quite unfathomable. But before we can begin to express even the smallest degree of this Mighty Power we must raise our awareness and realise and recognise our Oneness with He who Created us like unto Him-Her Self.

As you Believe so it is unto you.