Prints of Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity

Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity, His Divine Compliment; embody and transmit the Pink Ray, the 3rd Ray of God’s Love.

Symbols on the Paintings

The symbol which represents Chamuel is a dual symbol for it represents the Cross of White Light as well as a Celestial winged sword of White Light; in the center  point of both is the Single Eye. The symbol represents God’s perfect manifestation of Divine Love. The ‘Eye of Light’ or single eye symbolises that Chamuel sees only God; sees God’s Love and perfection in all things. God is Love; Love is God; Love is the Source of Power; Chamuel has Great Power through His Divine Awareness and Expression of our Creators Infinite, ever-present Eternal Love.

The Golden Circle with the golden dot in the centre represents the Infinite Eternal Divine Mind in which all things exist manifest and unmanifest. The dot represents the central font from which Love flows continuously forever expressing in It’s True Nature.

Love created all things and all are sustained by Love; Love flows out from the central Font of Love to even the tiniest of Its Creations. Love purifies the heart and is the Sacred Key that opens the Mystical Door to the Heaven States of Consciousness.

The Equilateral Triangle is connected to the sacred number three and represents the concept of Deity and Perfection in geometric form. Love is Perfect in Itself and is continually bringing about Its own perfection in all Creation.

Chamuel means in Hebrew: One who sees God; One who stands before God; God is risen; raised by God; to arise; to standup.

Archeia Charity

Chamuel’s Divine Compliment; Charity of God; Charity of Pure Love, Host of the Holy Spirit.

Archeia Charity – embodiment within the Pink Pay, the Third Ray of God’s Love.

When heart and Mind know Love alone Charity flows from the Font of Love within the heart so pure.

The symbol of the Celestial Wings of Light represent Her Eternal Divine Power and the Single Eye that sees only the One God of Love. God of Life; God is Light; God is Love.

Beloved Lord Jesus Christ teaches us: ‘If thine eye is single, thy whole body is full of Light.’

The symbol of the faceted diamond sphere represents the Divine Consciousness of Charity and Chamuel with the pure White Light of Christ refracted through it.

Because of Chamuel and Charity’s single eyed vision of God’s Omnipresent Love, the Mighty Power of God’s Eternal Love flows from them via the Sacred Third Ray out through all Creation, through all Nature, inspiring and helping to sustain All Life.

Mighty indeed is their Divine Mission.

These images of the Archangels and Archeia have come forward and are a key to their essence; to be used for purposes of inspiration, meditation and contemplation.