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Christ is the leaven of the race, and of the World

Part of the illusion on this earth plane of experience is the illusion of time and space. In the Infinite Mind of the Creator in which all things exist there is only NOW, moment to moment; Eternity is Now and nothing or no one is separate from God. Christ is the same now as 2000 years ago, for Truth does not change, man the entity evolves but his True Nature – Christ does not. As man evolves and gradually awakens in the Spirit he-she expresses more of Spirit, the Inner Nature, but the Inner Nature is always the same, perfect, The Immaculate Concept of the Father Mother God, and is known as the Eternal Youth.

Those who seek Truth and Freedom must understand that Jesus taught by the example of His own Life. The teachings given us by Him are absolutely pregnant with the Inner Mysteries pertaining to our True Being.. . . .

. . . . . Two thousand years ago the Christ came into the World to be the Light of the World. He came to free us from the illusion of birth and death and revealed that through Him we would enter Eternal Life.


In these few words Christ is revealing to us the ‘Inner way’ or path to enlightenment, and Eternal Life through the Life within. . . . .

Jesus taught the masses in parables so the inner mysteries are veiled, for in Spiritual Law, the inner mysteries are never taught to those not seeking, thus not prepared. One must prepare, Spiritually, mentally and emotionally for the Spiritual Forces that are released within by the awakening of the True Creative Christ Nature are potent. If the seeker has not mastered. . . . .

Without Love one is Spiritually destitute for that which we seek is Love and like attracts like. God is Love; Love is God – Unconditional Love.

Love is the doorway through which all must step to enter the kingdom of Heaven within.

. . . . . Because the Consciousness of Jesus had merged fully with the Consciousness of God, He was in Full the Christ. He personified the Father; His words were the Father’s words, His thoughts the Father’s thoughts, His works the Father’s works. ONE.

Jesus the Christ allowed Himself to be crucified and suffer physical death, that the prophesies be fulfilled. Then by the power of His own Will, manifested His resurrection body to show the illusion of death.

Through Jesus the mystery of death has been unfolded. He showed us that the death experience is but the shedding of the physical form as we transit into a different plane of the One Eternal Life.

There is but One Christ – The Spirit of God.

In the mystical teachings if Christ Jesus, He shows us the ‘way’ to freedom.

The Christ that Jesus personifies is the same Christ incarnate within each and every soul – The ‘Presence’ within every heart.

The Divine Nature, or Christ Consciousness is individualized in every soul, every soul is unique but united in the One Spirit.

“No man cometh to the Father but by Me” teaches Christ. Christ is within, the True Nature, the Real Self and this True Nature is Love and it is Love that opens the doorway to Higher Consciousness. Everything we need is within; we have no need to seek Christ for He has never left us and never shall, for He is our True Nature. Most are asleep to this Mighty Truth.

We need to awaken and recognise in full this great Truth, and then shall we be free of the bondage created through our Spiritual sleep.

Christ is the living example of the Divinity of all. He came into the World as the Light, to bear witness to that Light. He overcame the personality of the man and attained the Consciousness of I AM. It was from this Consciousness He spoke 2000 years ago and from this Consciousness He teaches us now.

He teaches that so much of our suffering is unnecessary and is because of our ignorance of our True Creative Nature. He says that if we can be as a little child it will be easier to awaken in Truth. A little child is one not yet educated in the ways of the worldly, a child knows not the names of diseases, knows not hate, and knows not fear caused by belief in death. A little child’s head is not yet filled with book learning and other people’s ideas and has not been filled with false religious teachings of a God separate from oneself.

Be ye as a little babe, realise that the Spirit of God, The Christ, is incarnate within you and cannot claim His freedom of expression until the heart is filled with Love and the mind an open vessel.

. . . . . One’s state of Consciousness is created by the ideas and beliefs that are held in the mind. False ideas and beliefs held firmly create barriers that cannot be penetrated by the Light. . . .

Jesus the Christ of God has never left us, He cannot for we are One with Him, His Consciousness interpenetrates our individual Consciousness. The Divine Substance that once formed his perfect body now helps form our bodies. How Mighty is He who is among us.

He who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.


An Excerpt from the book: Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils