Revelation and Redemption

The time of Revelations is upon the race; we have only to look around us to see the world man has created and is creating for himself. Those who seek Truth and have read the Book of Revelations of John the Divine will know the seriousness if its contents and see them reflected in the world today.

The book of Revelation is a very symbolic and mystical book pertaining to mans redemption. It explains in mystical form that which will take place in each soul as they are transformed into the perfect ‘image and likeness’ of God.

The karma of 2,000 years is upon the race NOW and the forces of the darkness of ignorance are pressing down relentlessly upon humanity and through humanity upon the very earth and all that inhabits Her on the Physical plane. Karma brought about by mans ignorance of his True Nature, through pride and self-righteousness. Truth came into the world 2,000 years ago but was rejected by most and crucified by some. Man continues to live in the illusion of a Deity separate from himself and lives in the duality of good and evil, love and hate, sickness and health, life and death etc. . . . .

. . . . Those serious students upon the path of enlightenment know that to attain higher awareness means purification through Initiation. Nothing can be raised into a higher vibration unless the gross vibrations are transmuted by Fire. God does not punish, it must be understood that it is not God punishing man for his-her wayward ways, on the contrary, the Spirit of God is ever helping to raise His child out of all suffering and adversity. It is the failure to understand this, that brings the soul suffering. People do not need a miracle to free them from their suffering, they need understanding.

Initiation is not the only way to redemption. . . . .

. . . . .The planet is in urgent need of Light and this can only come through Divine vessels – men and women. . . . . .

. . . . .The only True way for individuals to help is to realise you are not of this world. Turn to the Living God within yourselves, for you are not of this world but a higher world. Let go of the illusions of the world; let go of all of your false ideas and beliefs on truth, see the brotherhood of mankind and the Fatherhood of God as the only reality; see not good and evil – only God.

Now is the time of Revelation, the time for change, it is not safe to stand idle on the sideline and wonder, do I enjoy the ways of the world or do I want the Light of Truth, Peace and Freedom.

Take the Inward Journey Now.