The Chakras

Inspired by the Lord of the Seven Sacred Planets

As the New Age becomes established on Sacred Planet Earth more and more people caught up in what is called the ‘new age’ awareness are teaching others about chakras and are teaching various methods of directing energy into them for one reason or another.

Disciples of Truth must be aware and be discerning of such practices.

It must be understood that we are Universal Beings and in the Universe in which we exist there are tremendous forces, and we, by Divine design through our chakras and finer bodies, which are attached to the Chakras, are transformers of Cosmic Forces.

Chakras are directly linked to the current of Infinite Life which flows continually through our soul structure, this is the Life known to us as the Christ, the Spirit of God. Because the Life Current that created the ever evolving Universe is ever mediated through us means evolution takes place from within us. We are ever moving toward our True Spiritual form; that form held in the Mind of God; the Infinite Eternal Life.

So our Spiritual Centres are centres of Great Power which connect us to the Solar System, to the Universe and to the Infinite Eternal Life through Christ.

As our physical spinal cord is part of our physical brain, so our etheric spine and chakras are part of our etheric brain. The Spiritual brain penetrates the physical brain and is powered by the Light, the Christ, that Infinite, Intelligent, Life Current that flows through the inmost core of our being and outward to sustain our whole being. Each chakra is a great power house or great Spiritual brain penetrated by the command centre.

To help comprehend the chakras we will use the example of the physical brain.

‘The human brain is estimated to have about 100 billion cells; now compare this to the entire phone system for the planet. If all the phones and all the wires, the number of connections, and the trillions of messages per day, would not equal the complexity or activity of a single human brain.’
By Dr. Glen Johnson, Clinical Neuropsychologist

This is just a symbolic example of the complexity of our etheric brain and our seven Spiritual centres, continually active to a degree, receiving and sending out. Receiving from Christ at the core centre within us and sending out into and receiving from the Universe.

We are very complex beings, through the Holy Temple of the Living God which we Are, we exist on all planes of Consciousness simultaneously and the planes exist within us, but to be aware on all levels and to be in control of our environment all chakras must be harmonised and developed.

Those seeking True Spiritualisation must understand that they cannot bring themselves into harmony with Christ or the Universe by outwardly balancing chakras or breathing exercises alone. Any Harmony gained this way is temporary. Harmonising and bringing Peace into oneself can only be achieved from within by disciplining the mind and this takes great focus and discipline.

Most who desire Peace, Truth, Health and Harmony have minds in conflict, sending out messages of fear, doubt, sadness, anxiety, anger, jealousy and so on, these messages cause emotional reactions which trauma the body of flesh. But all these conflicting messages affect not only the physical but also the Spiritual centres and corresponding sheaths, throwing them out of harmony with the Universe and all Nature.

If a soul wishes to be healthy, in harmony and desires Divine Knowledge and True Spiritual awakening they must live a Spiritual Life, that is, a prayerful life, a life of Spiritual discipline. This means disciplining their thought patterns, their reactions and their behaviour; they must at all times be loving, kind and compassionate with all Life, all Nature, for all Life is One.

They must practise all things that work toward overcoming the human nature that the Spiritual Divine Life within can unfold thereby slowly gaining greater and greater expression.

A soul desiring Spiritual awakening cannot afford to take time out for unspiritual endeavours, in their minds or their behaviour. The chakras need not be, nor should be, tampered with for they develop naturally by the power of the Christ within.

When a soul begins to Love unconditionally the higher chakras begin to develop giving greater expression to the True Nature. By the power of the Love being expressed the Heart chakra develops. The heart opens naturally when one begins to Love unconditionally   without prejudice, judgement, condemnation and such. It is True, the heart is the gateway to the Kingdom of the Heaven states of Consciousness.

When one uses the voice for the word of Truth the throat centre develops. It is known metaphysically as the centre of the spoken word of God, this shows us how important it is for disciples to use it correctly.

Our Third Eye develops opening into the Higher Planes of Light only when we fill it with Light by seeing as God sees and the Crown develops when we regularly meditate on the Divine.

When a disciple has been seriously seeking for a long time, (this can mean many incarnations) and have shown their dedication and effort to discipline and overcome, an opportunity is given.

The Seven Sacred Chakras are mystical doors which open into the Universe unfolding to the Spiritually Enlightened soul Divine Knowledge and great wonders of Creation that would be incomprehensible to the unenlightened soul. These centres must be developed in rotation from the base upward and this harmonises them completely with the Cosmic Fires. As the Life Principle or Serpentine Fire passes through the chakras the raw force is Spiritualised by the Power and Love of the Christ within. As in turn each sacred centre opens in Christ, layer upon layer of mind are opened for through our Chakras we are connected to every part of the Universe on all Planes.

Great Masters accomplish mighty things by utilizing the great Cosmic Power of the chakras. We are children of the Living God, Infinite and Eternal, carrying within us a Mighty Power which must be protected, cherished and developed by the Love, Wisdom and the Power of the Christ within.

Christ alone has Wisdom, let us be guided by Christ alone; Christ being the Consciousness, Intelligence and Eternal Life individualised in every soul and works silently, evolving us, moving us, toward our True Spiritual form, slowly but surely we shall become that True form, or Blueprint, Eternally held in our Creators Infinite Mind.

The Ascended Masters speak with One voice of the great danger of forcing the Spinal Fire to rise.
This is a quote from Lady Nada taken from:  ‘Priests of the Order of Melchizedek.’

The Master Lady Nada says: “The Serpent must be a Peaceful Serpent.”

Those who try to force Kundalini to rise or those who do so unwittingly can find themselves in great trouble for if one has not harmonised themselves with Universal Love the energy will not be Spiritualised as it passes through the centres and raw energy is a deadly and destructive force. If one tries to force it to rise It can become the deadly Serpent crawling on its belly. To sprawl Kundalini can delay opportunity for enlightenment for many incarnations.

The Disciple of Self-realisation learns not to concern himself about Kundalini, for they know that when they are ready will the fullness of Christ come, that is when their whole being is transformed through complete awareness. ‘I AM that I Am’, One with the infinite Creator.

*There is more information on the mysteries of the Sacred Spiritual Centres, as well as the mysteries pertaining to the raising of the Spinal Fires by the Power of the Holy Spirit in my book: ‘Priests of the Order of Melchizedek.’