The Coming Cosmic Event

June 2011

To those who find their way to this message of Enoch but may not yet have the awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of the Universe including Mankind. That you may understand more clearly the message of Enoch, here is an extremely brief explanation.

As man is not just a physical body but exists on many planes from the inmost to the outer physical plane, so it is with all Life including the Celestial bodies: the Suns, Planets and Moons. As mans soul is incarnate within a physical body on this earth plane so incarnate within the Suns and Planets are Mighty Souls. It is these Mighty Angelic beings that project forth the rays that criss-cross the Universe and affect all Life.

The Mighty Soul within our earth we call our Earth Mother, from Her all the elements were called forth to give form to our bodies in the wombs of our human mothers. So the very body of our Earth Mother is one with our bodies, Her flesh with our flesh, Her bones with our bones, Her blood with our blood and so forth. The Mighty Eternal Life flux or Divine Life Energy that flows from the Font of All Life to sustain all Life flows through Her Beloved Soul and through Her soul to our souls and to all other Life on the Planet.
This ‘Light’ or ‘Life Flux’ also flows into us through the crown chakra from the Spirit of God.

This is why we all must learn to live in harmony with Nature, the Earth Mother and all Her Kingdom and until we do as individuals the heaven states of Consciousness shall not be achieved.


Enoch’s Message and Warning

Our beloved Earth Mother travails in birth as the New World struggles to be born. Mankind is on the threshold of entering a New Era of Spiritual Enlightenment. For 2000 years it has been prophesied that Man must prepare himself for the increase of Light that is about to enter our World and our lives. For years now the evolutionary forces have been pressing down on the world in an ever increasing momentum as our Universe moves from one Cosmic Era to the next.

For a generation or two now many have been speaking about, teaching about and singing about this Cosmic event but only some have been preparing.  They are those with ‘insight’, they who can clearly see that mankind has imprisoned himself in excessiveness, the World is in the clutches of gross materialism and rigid belief systems. They who have the ‘eyes to see’ and the ‘ears to hear’ are well aware of what they see and hear, they can read the signs of the times and those amongst them who have Spiritual Insight have been preparing. This means they have made great effort to live in harmony with Nature, with Mother Earth and all Life upon Her, within Her, and Her surrounding atmosphere. They have fought for the conservation of Nature and have continually warned of the dangers of deforestation and incessant plunder of Earths minerals, and the continual pollution of the Earth, Her waters and atmosphere. These ones have opened their hearts in Love for Nature, and it is a fact that until a soul opens their heart in unconditional Love for all Life and treats all Life with kindness they cannot express fully their own True Spiritual or Divine Nature which is Love. Those aware and prepared will move into the new Universal vibration with far greater grace and ease than those unprepared and those who deny and resist change and or hark backwards to cling to old religious ideas that cause terrible wars and separation between religions, races and individuals.

The Lord our God is One and is the Life in All and this Divine Life is ever evolving all He has Created, resistance will only cause suffering.

A Cosmic Event

Enoch has warned that a Great Cosmic Event is imminent and that it will mark the end of the era known as Pisces. This will end the World as we know it. This does not mean the World will end, but from the time of this event a New World order will gradually rise.

From the Mighty Interior Sun which is within and behind our physical Sun a Great Pulse of Cosmic Light will be projected toward Earth, this pulse will impact the Earth at the inmost level, it will trigger an action or quickening within the Soul of the Earth which will in turn impact every soul upon the Earth.

Everything manifest comes from above; we on Earth were born first above and have come down through the planes into incarnation. All major Cosmic Events once initiated at the inmost level work their way down through the planes and then affect the Earth Plane.

When this Light Pulse comes forth from the Interior Sun it will cause a Great Solar Storm, a huge Solar Flare will project toward the Earth with the potential of causing havoc on this level. A Solar Flare of such magnitude could potentially cause violent weather, it could also cause earthquakes. When Solar energy caused by Solar Storms impacts the Earth it causes distortion of the Magnetic Body of the Earth and points of pressure on the tectonic plates or fault lines may give way. Solar Flares can also affect radio communications, electrical systems and satellites.

The Spiritual affect of this Cosmic Solar event will be a dramatic quickening and Enoch warns us to be prepared for the effect it will have on our souls. Those sensitive’s who already walk the path of Light will rapidly discover they have greater Spiritual Insight and be able to see more clearly into the planes above and those who inhabit them. Those who walk the dark path will become for a time more agitated by the increase of Light. Those of the Astral Groves will also become more agitated as the increase in Light touches them. Psychics Beware!

Around the time of The Event there will be seen by many Spiritual Manifestations in the Heavens, there will also be many UFO sightings around the earth. The brethren of the Universe are well aware that the people of Earth are suffering, but on the brink of entering the new era with more Universal Awareness.

Mankind has placed himself in dire consequence by his continuous selfish actions and creations. Man takes from the Earth what he wants without consideration of it being inharmonious with Nature, he creates things he wants that are not in harmony with Nature; such actions will be accounted for. This time of evolution, moving from one Cosmic era to another could have been much easier if man had listened to the prophets, realised his oneness with Nature and his fellow man and had not let his desire for bigger, better and more take precedent.

The Earth is now in upheaval, the weather chaotic and the world on the brink of economic collapse again due to mans greed. The fighting between countries, races, religions and individuals seems endless. These worsening conditions will prevail until the way is made clear for the new more Spiritual and harmonious civilisation to evolve.

The following video was posted 22 April 2016