The Continuation of All Life

Over the years I have been asked many times if pet’s continue their existence after death. The answer is yes, all animals have souls and have Eternal Life in God.

I have been inspired to write of some of my own experiences pertaining to the Eternal Life of all of God’s creatures that it may demonstrate that not only does all Life continue after the physical death experience but that it has Consciousness and Divine Intelligence.

As many people who have had a near death experience can testify we are not confined to the physical body until death. The physical form or `Temple not made with hands’ is the house of God in which we dwell in this World of experience. The soul is attached or anchored to the physical form by an umbilical cord of Light which allows the soul the freedom to leave the body as it sleeps or consciously by will; only at the physical death experience is the cord severed.

Embodied Master souls can leave their bodies at will to work in the Spiritual realms for as long as they wish.

Many during sleep travel for different reasons, most people upon wakening cannot remember their night excursions if they had any.

The first time I experienced seeing a soul out of body was when I was very young, perhaps six:

I was lying in my bed at night listening to the distant muffled voices of my parents in the kitchen when to my delight my beloved grandmother walked silently through my open bedroom door and smiled at me, she then turned and walked out. I thought how beautiful and shining she looked and her hair looked more curly than usual. In the morning I can remember saying to my Mum: You didn’t tell me `Ma’ was coming last night, and the reply that shocked me, no she didn’t dear!

I never forgot this and it was not until years later when I discovered we are more than a physical body that I realised that my dear `Ma’ had visited me while her body slept.

In later years while lying in bed awaiting for sleep I witnessed my husband Wayne slip from his body as sleep overcame him, he looked down at me and smiled.

This next experience was surprising for I could see, feel and hear. Our great grandson, at seven years old came for a sleepover. Levi is very aware and sensitive to the many portraits hanging in our home and does not like to sleep alone while with us.

Lying in bed with him this night we chattered, or rather I was answering all his questions until he fell asleep, when then I turned my back to him. A few moments later I felt him moving, he clambered over the top of me, not gently, his feet hit the floor and he ran from the room and down the hall, not quietly. I felt him, saw him and heard him, every footstep. I thought it must be an urgent bathroom visit. After about five minutes he had still not returned and I wondered if he had gone to another room to visit a newly rescued kitten. I sat up to go and investigate and to my surprise discovered he was still in deep sleep curled up beside me.

Not only do humans have inherent extrasensory abilities but animals do also. The first time I witnessed an animal seeing Spirit I was sitting reading, my darling cat was curled up on a chair opposite me when I noticed a Spirit mouse walking across the room, puss noticed it at the same time, jumped off his chair and followed it across the room with his head down as though he could smell it, maybe he could for Spirit entities have their own smell. The mouse walked under the drapes and disappeared.

`Jacob’, the same cat is a special little friend to me, I love him dearly, and he arrived in a very special way.

I was in an altered state of consciousness communing with the Ascended Master Kuthumi concerning my work. As He left I had a vision of Him dropping a black kitten onto my lap. Odd I thought, must be symbolic. The next morning I went out to my woodshed and discovered it was not symbolic for there was my black kitten. I found a mother cat had delivered two beautiful kittens in a very cramped space. Unfortunately she was lying on one and it had suffocated. It was black like Jacob with a white star on his breast. The stray mum and kitten were of course taken inside. I often sensed Jacob’s twin with him, one evening when Jacob was about nine months old I was sitting on my couch and a Spirit cat jumped onto the arm of the couch beside me, it was Jacob’s twin brother, and exact likeness of Jacob and the same size with the white star on his breast, and he made me aware that all was not well with young Jacob. After much calling the poor little fellow limped home and we discovered he had been attacked by a dog.

In the twenty six years we have been country dwellers we have rescued many animals needing to be loved and cared for, these include sheep, goats, dogs, cats, chooks and hedgehogs all are named and become much loved pets, there are no exceptions for all are expressions of the One Life.

These animals have taught us so much.

We live in sheep country where on the farms sheep are generally thought of as stupid and scatty, this is because of their life’s experiences, they live in fear of men and their sheep dogs that are used to move them, they are shorn, dipped and tagged as well as other frightening experiences, fear makes them act irrationally.

For many years we have never had less than seven or eight sheep at a time and because they are loved and treated with kindness their individuality has developed.

They are clever, they love, they feel joy and play, they develop special friendships and not only with their own kind, they can have a mischievous sense of humour and they grieve when a friend passes, and they have extrasensory perception.

Of course all animals are individuals and develop their own personalities.

Our property is on a hill, one day I heard urgent and persistent calling from Bab’s, one of our ewes, who had come to the fence line to get my attention. I climbed the fence, because of her sense of urgency, and she led me up the hill where I saw this great mound of body which seemed to have no head. This mound of angora wool was Pan, the Angora goat who was her best friend, they were inseparable. Pan it seems had been pronking down a steep part of the hill and had completely somersaulted, tail over head. This lovable boy had large horns which sat horizontally across his head, as he flipped one of his horns had sunk completely into the ground and he landed with his head bent backwards under his body. He was completely immobile and could not make a sound. He was large and I am small, there was no time to run for help because he couldn’t breathe properly, so with a prayer for strength I grabbed handfuls of fleece and lifted, I don’t know quite how I managed to flip him off his head, but thanks to Bab’s he was rescued.

Sadly when Bab’s was only six she had a heart attack and passed. Pan was inconsolable, his wailing was heartbreaking and it went on for days, I would go and sit with him to comfort him, he would lie down and put his head on my knees. We had several other goats and sheep at the time but Bab’s was his best friend.

I have used sheep as an example because they are so misunderstood by many but all animals are intelligent individuals with their own personalities and with feelings and can respond and develop with human Love and Kindness.

Beloved Lord Kuthumi teaches that an animal’s experience of human Love helps the evolution of their beautiful souls.

Love is the sacred cohesive quality that unites all Life and is the sustainer of all things.

When any heart opens to love the recipient or soul changes because Love, being complete in Itself, is ever bringing about It’s own perfection.

Because dogs and cats live in the house with us I could share many stories of their Love, intelligence and their extrasensory perception but I would end up writing a book. But I will tell you that when one of our pets is due to pass, naturally or through having to be mercifully euthanized, about a week before, one of their friends, who have passed before them, come to wait for them, they are clearly seen and sometimes heard.

Part of the journey to self-realisation or wholeness in God is the awakening within to all Natures Kingdoms, for all these Kingdoms are part of the One Creator God’s Infinite expression of Love. We are One with these Kingdom’s.

The Mystic must become aware of the Life that exists between the planes of human experience. More on this in chapter 5: Priests of the Order of Melchizedek

To become consciously aware of the Life in the Kingdoms of the mineral, vegetable, animal, human and the elemental Life, that is the `Spirit Beings’ of Nature, fairies and such, the variety is very great, as well as the Angels proper, one must be in harmony with them. That means one must first be filled with Love and Respect for all Life, be Kind and Gentle with all Nature. All you gentle souls who are loving and kind and would love to be in more harmonious relation with the Spirits of Nature, may I suggest if you still eat meat, fowl or fish, to contemplate vegetarianism that no animal be harmed for your diet. Your vibration and Aura will change greatly and the Elementals that normally avoid close proximity with humans will find you more appealing and approachable.

The Ascended Master Djwal Khul recommends vegetarianism for those desiring the Spiritual path; He teaches that the vibration of dead flesh is very low and its consumption is poison to the body, and a drag on the soul, and detrimental to the quickening process of the human and his consciousness.

More of this in Chapter 12 of: Priests of the Order of Melchizedek

Many of you will know of St Francis of Assisi; He, the True Mystic, used to talk to and preach God’s Love to the animals, birds and fish, and they would gather in large numbers to listen attentively. St Francis of Assisi was an incarnation of the Beloved Lord Kuthumi

In symbology birds in general represent messengers from above; certain types of birds can symbolise other things as well. I have experienced several times that they can indeed be messengers from Above.

I will share a wonderful experience I had.

In our home we have a room dedicated to Spiritual endeavour, a meditation room, the portraits of the Ascended Masters hang in there and there is a table upon which a few special objects which have Holy or Spiritual significance to us. One of these objects is a Cross.

As this time we had a young cat who was afraid to use a cat door so it was taped open. This special room always has the door closed but this morning I was cleaning in there but had forgotten my duster, so leaving the door ajar I went for my cloth. I was away but a moment but when I returned there was a beautiful Blackbird perching on the cross. The bird showed no fear of me, conveyed to me its important message, then flew down onto the floor and walked right in front of me, out the door, a short distance down the hall and hopped out the cat door and flew away.

When a bird communicates it may chirp or sing but the message I receive is telepathic words or short sentences or a telepathic awareness is gained.

I know the Spirit of Holiness is upon these bird messengers during these encounters because it has always proven to be a genuine warning or message. I must add these communications have only ever been concerned with Spiritual endeavour.

Many now accept that talking to plants and expressing Love to them is beneficial to the plant, but how many listen?

As a child I was quiet and sort of withdrawn, always in a world of my own with not many friends, but always talking to animals and plants. In those days I did not realise they could communicate in some way but did believe they heard me somehow.

How times change.

When Wayne, and I knew it was time to leave the City twenty six years ago we found and fell in love with an old house on five acres, actually we did not fall in love with the house immediately it was the old trees that took our hearts. The property had been part of a very large farm with the original homestead. There is a large stand of trees, old oaks and a variety of other large trees, half were on our property and half on the farm. It was some time before we were able to move into the empty house but my heart was already there with those beautiful trees. One day I was thinking about our new place and to my horror I sensed a feeling of great fear coming from the trees. As soon as possible we made the one hour drive to the property to discover that many of the trees on the farm side had been felled and milled on site for farm buildings. Distressing for us, but all the trees surviving in that wonderful family of trees were filled with fear.

The Divine Life which is Eternal and ever-present in all creation is Consciousness and Intelligence; we cannot judge to what degree this consciousness and intelligence is in the trees but they certainly fear physical injury and death as many humans and most animals do.

The plant kingdom also have extrasensory perception which also proves they do not exist only in the physical.

I planted a snowball tree (vibernum opulus sterile) under the canopy of a very large Australian Blue Gum so we could enjoy its wonderful balls of tiny white flowers in spring from our kitchen window. About a week later I woke up and told Wayne I must go immediately and shift the Snowball tree. There was a strong flow of energy coming to me from the bush with the feeling of great urgency to be moved Now! Luckily I was obedient to the call for help, I had not long shifted it away from the Gum when it began to snow and the snow became so heavy that a very large branch was broken off the Gum with the weight of snow and crashed down over the place where the little Snowball tree had stood, it would have been smashed to pieces.

This shrub not only feared but it had foresight, it was aware of an event that had not yet happened, and it had the ability to ask for help. There have been other experiences with trees, there have been no telepathic words just very strong feelings which convey their need or wish.

This reaching out for help may not of course come solely from the Life incarnate within the trees but could at times involve the help of the Spirits of Nature.

The Vegetable kingdom exists and works in total harmony and ease with the Elemental kingdom; that is the Nature Spirits who have been given many names and categories by man. They seem to be almost infinite in variety and in their expression.

This next experience involves both.

My lovely sister Susan moved to Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast where she purchased a newly built house. A few months later she came and stayed with us for a visit. As often happens between friends who `see’ she asked if I would give her a reading. As I attuned myself to read for her I was shocked to receive a very powerful message of distress, it was a multitude of Entities all trying to speak with one voice, all trying to be heard, to protest, wanting a voice in this world. It was the Elementals and trees of all kinds, the voices of a fallen rain forest which had been felled to build thousands of new houses. The grief, the despair of displaced Beings of Nature was overwhelming and so distressing for me I had to cut the link but their message had gotten through.

Such loss of habitat for these beautiful and wondrous of God’s Creation is heartbreaking, not only for them, the mystic creatures of the forests, but the Forests themselves, the individual trees, the exquisite bird, animal and insect life that abound in such places.

The Great Forests are the lungs of our earth Mother and they create the right atmosphere or holy Breath of Life, for all creatures of the land including mankind. The rapid decline of the great forests is causing great disharmony and chaos in the elements and this is now clearly seen, and the number of species of life forms becoming extinct is extremely alarming. Mankind is creating his own demise as he destroys the mighty rain forests of the Earth.

Being a keen gardener, a lover of all plants and trees I have had experiences with individuals of the Elemental kingdom, I will describe one.

Not long after we moved into the country I was planting a new tree and noticed that squatting up on the side of the hill some distance away observing me was a very curious creature of the elemental kingdom. I do not know what variety of elemental some might call it but it was very interested in plants being planted or removed. Over time when I was gardening I often saw this Being, each time it came a little closer until it was looking down the hole I dug. This `Being’ I guessed was about three feet tall, it squatted like a child or a monkey and its face was sort of between an apes or a skinny old man but not wrinkled.

Now understand that in truth it looked nothing like a monkey or a human, I am just trying to give an idea of what its lucid form resembled, it was a beautiful translucent lettuce green Nature Spirit that seemingly had a great attraction or interest in trees and plants, and who knows, maybe gardeners.

The Foundation upon which all exists is Love, Love – the cohesive quality that unites All True manifestation.

God is Spirit, Spirit is Life, Life is Love, Christ is the Spirit of Love.

Love is the only reality and is ever-present and no soul human or animal, no angel, not one part of True Manifestation can ever be separated from God.

ALL exist and have their being in God for Eternity

Love Our Sacred Earth Mother and All Her Kingdoms, Pray for All Life in All these Kingdoms, Respect, Protect and Care for All that Mother Nature has given us.