The Dangers of the Astral Planes

The end of this year brings yet another message to warn many in danger of being caught up in the confusion that is heavy upon the outer world.

The Ascended Masters have said that the ‘Waters of Babylon’ are flowing freeing into and across the world.

Metaphysical meaning: Babylon represents confusion, confusion of the senses, mental confusion, and chaos.

Darkness is pouring into our world at an alarming rate in this time of revelation. It flows through television, computers, mobile phones, astral music and astral art etc. nearly everywhere one turns there is something being offered to excite the appetites and desires of the body of flesh. There is increasing immorality, violence, and disrespect for life etc. etc.

Souls who have succumbed to the desires of the lower senses and appetites of the body and constantly indulged and intensified them and thus become addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol and food etc. may find themselves in a hell of their own making when they leave this world.

To live a life of Temperance and remain in harmony with the Spirit within takes discipline.

The flood gates of the lower astral planes have been thrown open and the `waters of Babylon’ are flowing into the world with destructive force, confusing the minds and the material consciousness of millions.

The veils between the astral and earth planes have become almost transparent because of the evolution of mankind, but mankind is still in its infancy and does not yet realize the danger of communicating with these lower planes. Many millions have now awakened and have developed to a degree their inner sight and telepathic abilities, they are now using their clairvoyant or mediumistic faculties to communicate with those in the planes above. These souls above who communicate the easiest are of the astral planes, because their rate of vibration is not far removed from the material world.

What people must be aware of is that so called death does not change people, they just change house as it were.

Many who leave the world are not saints and are still trying to deceive and unfortunately they can be very good impersonators. They can show you images of anyone they choose and they often impersonate famous people or Spiritual Masters and of course offer teachings and information which are half Truths or completely spurious. They also like making you believe you were someone special in a previous incarnation. All who are disciples of Truth and all who just wish to communicate with those above must learn to discern vibration.

The inferior teachings and outright rubbish that is flowing into this world through the ignorant and undiscerning from the lower planes is creating, as it were, an atmosphere of thick polluted fog. This smog of illusion and confusion creates chaos and smothers Spiritual creativity making it very difficult for those new to the path of Truth to ‘see’ clearly ‘the way’.

Those who seek Truth and freedom must be discerning and be disciplined. That which we dwell on in our minds we bring into manifestation, to dwell on things that excite the senses will bind you to this world, to dwell on higher Spiritual things will raise you up to Heaven states of Consciousness.

Understand that truth cannot unfold in a mind that is clogged with erroneous ideas and false concepts concerning the Spiritual.

Govern that which flows through your televisions, computers, mobile phones and radios etc, reject all things that sully the mind.

You are a Divine child, do not let the fog of the astral worlds shroud you, aspire only to the very highest and accept nothing less; let the Light of the Divine within you flood your mind, your soul and your human consciousness and you shall become a bright and shining light to Light the path of others in this very needy world.