The Eternal Youth

The Real Self or True Nature is the part of us that is Eternal, Omniscient, that is knowing all things, Omnipotent, that is having all power and Omnipresent meaning there is nowhere we are not; for through the Spirit of God there is nowhere we are not. This Divine Consciousness within us is the Eternal Youth, our Real Self. This is what we are all preparing to give unlimited expression to, Christ the Eternal Youth.

This state of Consciousness can only be achieved when we recognise It and realise It within the Self, we must know without a shadow of a doubt that the Consciousness of God is incarnate within and is our only reality, we are Divine.

Do not look in the mirror for conformation of this Truth, for what you will see will be the illusion, you will see the body which is subject to all your thinking and affected by it.

We are incarnations of the Light. We must reach the awareness of this, and make it a state of Consciousness, that no matter how we feel when we get up in the morning, no matter how the face in the mirror looks, there must never be any doubt that the real you is birthless and deathless. It is never ill, It was perfect in the beginning, It has always been perfect and always will be perfect. We will again express this Perfection, as our Father in heaven is perfect, so shall we express this. We were created perfect we are the Immaculate Concept of the Father Mother God. All else is illusionary.

Why then all the sickness and death? Because man has fallen asleep to his True Nature, man began to see good and evil, he became greedy, lustful, jealous, envious and racist. Gradually the darkness of illusion veiled the soul; the Light of Truth went out and man sleeps in his ignorant state of Consciousness. Now God is seen by most as something to be feared, something that lives in heaven or somewhere far away, or they do not believe in God at all.

In the Holy Bible we know that every act of Jesus has an outer and an inner metaphysical interpretation for those seeking the inner mysteries of the Christ. The dead referred to by Jesus, in the Great Book, are usually the Spiritually dead, those unawakened, those who believe in death.

In Luke 9:60 Jesus teaches, ‘Let the dead bury the dead : but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.’

Here is He not saying: Let those who believe in death, bury those they believe dead, and you go forth and preach everlasting life.

Then there was the raising of Lazarus, the brother of Mary & Martha, from the dead. The inner mystery here reveals how Jesus restored in Lazarus the consciousness of youth, health and eternal life, which was asleep in the tomb of the body. Lazarus was sick unto death, because he had not awakened to the Truth of his Divine Nature, he became ill and died because he believed in sickness and death.

Jesus came to the tomb where Lazarus had been dead and buried for 4 days. He said: “Take ye away the stone.”

The stone that holds the sleeping soul in the tomb of matter represents the idea or belief in death, or belief that we are separate from the Godhead. This stone must be rolled away through recognition and realisation of the True Nature.

Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus come forth.” One must put great effort into bringing forward and giving expression to the Inner Life. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he restored to Lazarus the awareness of his own Divinity, He restored the idea and understanding of the Eternal Youth.
The body cannot be raised and refined until Divine thinking is established. The raising of Lazarus is performed daily by those who affirm I Am That I Am, in Truth and recognition that their True Nature, their Divine consciousness is incarnate within them. Those that affirm daily that they are one with all Life and that Life is Eternal.

The Consciousness of the Eternal Youth must be a constant awareness, not now and again, but a constant awareness, then will the power inherent within you become a mighty force, establishing Itself within you, expressing Itself moment to moment. Your Divine Consciousness is a point in the totality of all consciousness so every image you hold before it, the whole universe is behind it, bringing your thoughts and images into manifestation.

Everything you hold in your mind, every image and every desire you hold in your mind before this Divine Consciousness, you bring into manifestation moment to moment, your thoughts are creating with this creative power.

Jesus knew in Truth, that Lazarus was alive and well, but had left the diseased body in the act we call death. Jesus held in His mind the image of the body of Lazarus well and healthy, full of the Life that had left it and when he called to Lazarus to come forth, the decaying flesh that had been in the tomb 4 days was quickened and raised into Life. The soul of Lazarus was drawn back into a healthy body and walked from the tomb with new awareness, the awareness that sickness and death are illusionary.

When Christ the Son God speaks, there can be no resistance, the creative power of the universe pours through His Divine Consciousness to fulfill His command, to create that perfect image held in His Divine Mind, for Christ and the Father are One. So shall it be unto you when you realise fully your True Divine Nature; all Heaven and Earth shall be moved to fulfill your command.

As you understand more how this creative power works you understand more, how essential it is to have perfect thoughts. See yourself as perfect, complete, one with God and one with All Life, give thanks and praise God daily and He shall glorify you. And the Eternal Youth that you are will shine from your countenance.

Then shall your thoughts become a mighty power, a power that could move a great mountain from its foundation, a great power that could divide an ocean. Then a thought of Love could turn a desert place into lush green pastures and forests, where all life can exist in harmony, and Love and grow into the Light of Truth.