The I AM Universe – Blue Avian Contact

14th July 2016

The Infinite Eternal Sacrosanct Life formed the universes and all Life forms therein by His Creative Mind and as He created, He became the things He made.

We are all an integral unit of our Universe and our inherent Divine Nature is the very same as that of our Creator. We are the microcosm of the Mighty Macrocosm.

The Spirit of Life which exists in and through all Creation unites all together in One Universal whole, ever pulsating with Vital Wholeness, ever evolving the forms He inhabits, ever renewing ever pushing forward and inward toward the Source.

This Spirit of Life which is individualised in every soul is ‘I AM’. ‘I Am The Life’, Life is God, God is Life.

Only through the understanding of Divine Knowledge and always expressing unconditional Love and Kindness, Forgiveness and Mercy will each soul realise fully their own Divinity and be able to speak the sacred word of Power, ‘I AM’, in reality.

There is but One Infinite and Eternal Source from which all Creation has come forth. Life on this Planet in this Solar System, this Galaxy, this Universe or Infinite number of Universes, One God, Life is God, God is Life, we are all One in God.

To attain True Cosmic Consciousness we must recognise this Truth and have the awareness that there exists out there an Infinite variety of Life forms, many similar to ourselves who have the knowledge and ability to traverse the Universe at will, dimensions or distance being no obstacle.

Most must now ‘see’ the signs of this universal time as the people of Earth are, as it were, poised on the edge of a Cosmic leap into greater Universal awareness or Consciousness.

Many seeking Truth are moving forward in harmony with the evolutionary forces but many others are still resisting and clinging to beliefs and erroneous ideas; many resist through fear or ignorance of the unknown.

It must be said that if they do not make that leap they will be pushed and this means unnecessary suffering. Spiritual guidance advises: open your hearts and minds in faith and realise the Mighty Truth that there is but One Creator, One Life, Infinite and Eternal, a God of Love from whom you can never be separated.

Most dedicated disciples of Truth know that the forces of evolution are continually in motion and that in this Universal time there are powerful forces at work elevating our Solar System into a higher vibration of the One Life.


In the plane of Light which corresponds to the Christ Consciousness there exists a glorious temple. This glorious celestial structure is called a Temple because it is a place of prayer, meditation and Divine contemplation as well as a place of Divine Council.

This celestial temple is a gathering place for those exulted beings of our Spiritual Hierarchy or Great White Brotherhood. (White referring to Light not race or colour)

This most beautiful temple appears as made of glistening white marble. The large round council room is central and under a great magnificent dome. The council table is circular with a small gap, it appears made from one great slab of marble, no legs but solid to the floor. There is a space between the wall and the table for those attending to stand behind and the central space in the room is empty. The table appears to be a different pale shade of beautiful marble than the rest of the temple.

The outer courts from this central room are pillared and after the official meetings those present mingle in these courts.

This is a very loose description of such a beautiful, seemingly unornamented serenely powerful place.

Before a meeting commences they, in Holy Reverence, give Glory to God in prayer and meditation. The Love, Light and Peace generated by such a gathering is incomprehensible to the human mind.

As explained the purpose of this celestial temple is for the gathering of our Spiritual Hierarchy but oft times there are visitors among them from other Spiritual Hierarchies of the Universe. Because of the major evolutionary shift in vibration these extraterrestrial beings have become very frequent visitors for this is the age that man is to take his place among the Universal family.

That being said, before our kind will be truly welcomed into the fold they must have only loving and noble intentions.

One of the Celestial extraterrestrial Beings of the round table collective has made contact with me, He communes with me the same way the Ascended Masters do, direct telepathy while I am in a highly elevated state of Consciousness.

He was invited by the Ascended Masters to reveal certain echo’s of Eternity to the people of Earth. They, the Ascended Hierarchy of Earth want us to know how the extraterrestrial peoples beheld the Cosmic Event of Christ’s coming into the world and also to know how many of them are assisting humanity during a very difficult transition from one age to another.

The significance of extraterrestrial contact coming through our Spiritual Hierarchy makes it clear that it is ‘time’ cosmically for disclosure, time for Universal awareness for the current race of mankind on our Earth.

They want all humanity to be aware that there is Life everywhere throughout the Universe and aware of their presence and that we are being observed from other systems by intelligent Life forms; most of all they want us to be aware that we are all ‘ONE’ for there is but One Life.

Before I begin His information I will describe the appearance and form of this extremely Loving, Wise and Powerful extraterrestrial Bearer of Great Light. He is tall, about eight or nine feet, slim, his skin is a beautiful blue into the indigo shades, he has a human like form,  two legs, two arms. His face is refined, not human looking but eyes, mouth and small nose in the same place as ours. His head seemed hairless except for what I can only describe as a Mohawk style which looks more like soft thick feathers than hair, the same colour as his skin. Across his breast there is a smooth covering of down, the same indigo colours but it glints emerald and turquoise as does his Mohawk. He is one of the beings that have been named Blue Avian’s but he has told me they are not birds.

They are Celestial Beings who do not inhabit physical bodies but by the power of their own will can manifest in any plane if need be. They need no vessel of transport but again move through the universe at will.

Over a period of about two years I had, on several occasions, seen my communicator observing me in meditation, then about nine months ago he made first contact. He told me His Kind are serving throughout the Universe and said that His Divine Mission is as a Protector (not of individuals) and a Guardian of Truth.

He has given me no name to identify him with for his Kind do not want us to try to contact them. They advise that we should not look outward to the Universe for the Truth but that we should turn inward and become Self-realised. Remember the Light of all Life dwells within, this Light is Love, Truth and Life. All knowledge dwells within. ‘I AM that I AM’.

We exist in the Universe and the Universe exists within us.


His message and information as a Guardian of Spiritual Truth.

Spiritual Hierarchies throughout the Universe were aware that an unprecedented Cosmic event was to occur for planet Earth at the beginning of the Age you call, Pisces. This advent would ultimately effect, not only the people of Earth, but have it’s effect throughout the Galaxy.

Thus planet Earth has become a place of great interest, a place to observe, to visit and to witness the effects of such an event.

The very Heavens were moved to bring about the Mystic Birth of the Celestial Messenger, the Messiah, the Christ, the Redeemer, for His Redeeming Force was to initiate great change in the Planet and in the World.

The Archiea Mary was delivered into incarnation a pristine vessel for the Immaculate Conception of the Divine Child. Many illumined Beings came into embodiment to ensure a protected environment for the young child Jesus and His Mother, and to play a supportive roll for His time in the World.

The Archangel Michael was called to power with His army of Angels for there were great forces of darkness that did not want this Light of Truth to enter the World and awaken the unique children of Earth to the Light of the ‘I AM’ Presence of God within them.

Those who dwell in their own self created darkness like to hold power over those innocent of their indwelling Divine Presence and will enslave them, and they do.

Be warned that this darkness still dwells in your World and in the lower astral realms and is still extremely active. Be discerning, be wise, they are full of lies and deceit and find many avenues for expression.

The Great Lord who personified and gave voice to the One God of Life left in your World a great treasury of Spiritual wealth to guide all who would accept Him on a Mystical journey back to ‘The Source’.

The Life of your Messiah unfolded through seven major acts which were all a demonstration of the souls intimate awakening in God and the realising of the mighty innate Power of Creativeness within.

Jesus demonstrated that when the ‘I Am Presence’ is fully realised Mighty things can be accomplished.

He taught that, that which He could do you could do too and so you shall eventually, for this same treasury of Spiritual wealth exists in every soul.

We the Blue Avians, as Guardians of Spiritual Truth, do assure that His Testimony, His demonstration of His innate Power which leads the Truth seeker to enter the Sacred Inner Mysteries, which awaken the dedicated seeker to wholeness in God, will never be lost.


Concerning the Creation of Mankind

Mighty Solar Angels of which cannot be comprehended by an unawakened soul are the Divine vessels or true parents of mankind.

A Divine seed or nucleus issues forth from the Font of all Life and is Immaculately conceived by the Solar Angel. Within this Divine nucleus is the Spiritual DNA, the whole blueprint of the perfect and unique individual to come forth.

As the human embryo develops within the womb of the human mother likewise does the Cosmic embryo develop within the body of its Celestial Host. The nucleus becomes ensphered within the Light of Divine Consciousness, the Christ, the Spirit of God now individualised. A body of Light develops around this Consciousness and further development takes place within the Light Body of the Angel Child.

When the angel child is delivered forth its mystical decent into human form begins.

The now human and Divine child begins its long journey within the Law of Cause and Effect to self discovery and wholeness in God.

The Divine nucleus come from God is ‘I AM’ in you, it is here in Consciousness you stand in the presence of our Creator God. This is situated above your physical head, but not separate.

When you look up to the Stars in the darkness of your night open your hearts and minds to their Glory and know you are all Star seeds. If you bury a living seed in the darkness of the earth it sprouts forth to grow into the Light.

See yourselves as Star seeds incarnate, or planted, in your World where you exist in the shadow cast by your ignorance of your True State, but when the awakening process is initiated the darkness of the shadow begins to fade until the Light of Truth breaks through and then the Spiritual journey back to wholeness in God begins.

You are all Star children, as are we, all created from Star dust, energy or matter which comes from the Stars.

The Breath of God, His Light, His Spirit is the Eternal Life in us all.

Your Messiah told you ‘There were others in His fold you know not of.’


The greater percentage of your population has not yet comprehended the jewel of a planet that your Earth is. One of your Beloved Hierarchy has stated that the Earth is the Rose of the Solar System, I inspire it is indeed a rare rose within your Galaxy.

There is knowledge in your world to make it possible to provide all peoples with that which they need without plundering and scarring the precious One who is your Earth Mother.  This knowledge is being smothered by the same dark element which would keep the children of Earth ignorant of their ‘I AM Power’. But be aware that while you destroy your sacred environment you cripple yourselves in mind, body and soul for you are not separate from your Earth.

Before the individual is Truly ready to enter a loving relationship with his Universal family he must awaken in Truth, he must develop a sensitivity and a respect for all Life, to awaken in Truth means one recognises the Divine in All Nature.

When one awakens to the sanctity of all Life they will not see the Universe and it’s Heavenly Bodies as places of harvest. Greed is not in the Spiritually awakened Star child, it abides only in darkness.

Every individual must look to the Light of God within and discern what is necessary for a happy and meaningful existence, an existence that does not abuse and destroy its natural surroundings.

To seekers of Truth and Freedom, be humble, for we guardians of Truth have observed so many of your mentors who profess Truth grow proud and fall from Spiritual Grace.

We have witnessed those humble in Spirit grow wise in Truth, become quiet and available to the silent ‘I AM Presence’ within, all Glory is theirs.

Children of the Light, we pray for you, stand tall and let the darkness of your disbelief fall from you and be not ashamed of your Divine Heritage.

You and we of the Blue skin and the multitude of Life forms of the Universe are all integral units of the One Life, we are all bound together in One Cosmic Whole.

The time of disclosure is upon you and already many thousands of you have opened your hearts to the extraterrestrial peoples and they are responding to their welcoming invitations. Be prepared, great change is upon you.

As the Solar System moves from the Cosmic Age of Pisces fully into the Age  of Aquarius there is, and shall be for some period of time, much unrest and upheaval in, on and around your planet and its inhabitants.

The reason for this is that the whole Solar System is moving into a greater density and raw Cosmic forces are exerting great pressure on the Earth and its people, in fact the whole Solar System.

Our mission as protectors in the Universe means many of my kind, along with other extraterrestrials, are working in and around your Solar System on a protective project.

Many giant sphere vessels, invisible to the human eye, have been placed cohesively in and around your Solar System. From these massive spheres the raw blustery waves of Cosmic energy are continually being monitored and conditioned so that the buffering force be not too destructive.

At the present time your Earth Mother is in even greater need of help against these extreme forces, for Her magnetosphere is in a very weakened state. This means Her own protective aura is not able to safely withstand such extra ordinary powerful blustery forces from the Universe.

Be aware people of Earth that in your time of trial we, your Universal family stand immoveable beside you to see you safely through.

But know also we cannot assist you in your wars, in your struggles between nations, religions, politics and so on. These are your problems, part of your evolutionary journey within the law of cause and effect, the Law of Karma.

Know also there is a Higher Law, the Law of Unconditional Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Unselfishness, Charity, Mercy, Peace, Service, Honesty and Compassion for all living things, without judgement. To exist fully in this Higher Law is to be set Free.

If every human soul upon your planet could lift themselves up to exist only in God’s Law of Love, your world would be a paradise.

To all Light Bearers on the earth plane, existing in Truth, be strong in Faith in these extremely testing times and the Love and Light of your existence in Truth will help raise the rest of mankind.

One God One Life ‘I AM’


Further information concerning the Cosmic forces that are exerting unrelenting pressure on the Earth and how it is affecting people, and the best way to handle it, is Here.

It is also mentioned in my book in chapter 27: Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils.