The Illusion of Karma

To live in the material World, the world of experience, we must learn the Law of Karma or Law of Cause and Effect. We have to learn that as ye reap ye sow; but there comes a time when the seeker of enlightenment must see the illusion of this belief and raise themselves above it. One must eventually embrace the Higher Law, the Law of Love and Redemption. Belief in karma is very binding and destructive and not for those seeking freedom and enlightenment. To believe in Karma is to believe in duality; Life and Death, Good and Evil, Sickness and Health, Rich or Poor, Youth and Old Age, to believe in a God separate from ourselves. By belief in these things we give them power over us. Believing in these things we deny the very Truth of our Divine Nature, we deny the Spirit of Truth within, freedom of expression. Our True Nature knows not death, sickness, poverty, hate, religion, colour of skin, etc. In Truth we are all the Eternal Youth, The Immaculate Concept of the Father-Mother God – Perfect. Karma is for those who bind themselves to this world not for those who realise they are not of this world and are consciously seeking enlightenment.

So to be free of the bondage of Karma, one must realise and recognise the Truth of their Being. Dwell on the Light daily, draw it down into your being. This Light is The Christ the Redeemer, He who raises you out of all sin, all darkness, all ignorance, all adversity and this Redeemer lives within, and it is your True Nature. Invoke it constantly. You are the child of The Living God now; you have a Divine inheritance, claim this inheritance claim your freedom now. Don’t be bound by your belief.

People question why Jesus did not expound karma and reincarnation. Jesus did not teach reincarnation (the belief in death and rebirth) because He taught there was no death. He taught the illusion of death and that if one believed in Him they would not experience this illusion but pass consciously into a higher plane of the One life.

He taught that to be ‘born again’ was to enter a higher state of the One Consciousness. He taught there is only One continuous Life, birthless and deathless, Eternally expressing Itself through its own Creations.

The longer we retain our ideas on Karma and all the rest, the longer we hold this current state of awareness. We must recognise only our Divinity, this Truth that will raise us, redeem us and Glorify God in and through us.