The Jewel in the Lotus

The Jewel in the Lotus

The painting symbolises one, who at last, has come to the perfect understanding of the Truth, His-Her Oneness with Life, and this understanding in Him-Her rising again enables them, as they are instructed to do, to overcome and master all things.

The Lotus represents the 1000 Petaled Lotus which sits upon our crown – the crown chakra.
The white egg shaped Light represents the highest innermost Ethereal Body which contains within it the Jewel – Our Divine Consciousness, our individualised Christ consciousness.. It also represents the perfect White Aura of a Christed One.

The Soul which sits in the Lotus position represents the Illumined One, who has overcome the World, Mastered time and space. The personality of the man or woman has disappeared and the soul has merged fully with His-Her Divine Consciousness or Real Self above the head, there bye giving full unlimited expression to the Christ. He or She has become the Father personified. The Christ, or The Ascended Master.

Contained within the Jewel or Christ Consciousness is the White Light, the coloured rays represent all of the colours contained within the White Light which is refracted through the Christ at the point of manifestation.

The Fire around this One reflects His Divine Birth through the Solar Angel. He is, as we are, of Angelic Birth. It represents also the cosmic fires of Divine Life; The Life Force that burns fiercely within the ‘Illumined.’