The Lady Nada – World Teacher


Ascended Master Lady Nada is a World Teacher concerning the unveiling of the sacred mysteries of being with the purpose of unfolding the True Nature in disciples who are wholly dedicated and focused upon Self Realisation.

About 10 years after Her official portrait, the Lady Nada appeared again for a more Mystical portrait and with a Sacred Mystery to present.

This beautiful Divine Being spoke from her Christ nature, as All Ascended Beings do. The Infinite and the Master speak with One voice.

She was clothed in pale amethyst and gold and Her hair was adorned with pearls; floating above Her hands was a Lotus Blossom. She called it the ‘Cradle of the Christ Consciousness.’

The Master called Herself ‘The Spirit of Holy Matrimony’; Her words were: “Ye stand at the door of My Temple, The Temple of the Seven Holy Grails and the Seven Mystic Veils. Let me lead you through the Temple door.”

This message is for all who seek to unfold the Christ within themselves; the mysteries of their True Being; those who seek full self-realisation.

The Temple that Christ is standing at the door of is the Temple not made by hands; the Temple of the Living God. The incredible mystical Temple in which the Christ is awaiting to become High Priest. The Temple door is the Heart.

The Seven Holy Grails represent the Seven Spiritual centres or chakra’s and the Mystic Veils are the inner bodies or sheaths each connected to its corresponding Spiritual Centre. There are Seven planes of Consciousness and we exist simultaneously on all levels through these seven chakra’s and their corresponding ethereal bodies. The level of our Consciousness is determined by the ideas and beliefs we hold in our minds. Through the Spiritual centres we are the microcosm of the mighty macrocosm and have an affinity to every part of the Cosmos. . . . . . .

Excerpt from the books:
Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils & Priests of the Order of Melchizedek