The New World – from Enoch

From Lord Enoch
April 24th 2010

‘Out of decay and destruction new life shall be born; a new world shall be born; new life shall be given to this plane but it will not be the same.  The earth will be replenished with new life but of a higher vibration, it is the raising of the planes. Light shall come from darkness, growth from decay. The new earth plane will be more connected to the higher planes, communication with those above will be much easier for those who then dwell in this world and they shall see the glory of the planes above, Holy is He who is ever making new. Fear not, know that all is well with the Lord, He shall not lose sight of any of His precious souls, even those most depraved, those who have withdrawn completely from His Light. You have no idea of the darkness of the lowest astral planes, they writhe like serpents in their own filth; you could not stand the stench. But God in all His glory shall raise each and every soul out of their Hell. Glory be to God, Glory be to those who Love God, Glory be to those who are not ashamed of the Christ. May the Blessings of His Peace be upon you.’