The Senses – Sex and the Disciple

One of the great pitfalls are sense thoughts and beliefs; by the power of Creative thought that which we constantly dwell on in our minds is the vibration we create and intensify within us thus the vibration we project out into the world. The law of vibration is like attracts like; that which we project into the world we attract back to ourselves.

Constantly dwelling in sense thought leads to sensuality which is a great burden to the whole Consciousness and the soul; if one is trying to raise or Spiritualise their Consciousness but is constantly falling to sensual thoughts and desires they are in danger of being pulled back into sense ways. Then instead of an ascending, refining and Spiritualising process in the Consciousness there is a descending and coarsening process taking place; this downward spiral can eventually create a situation where the higher and lower faculties disconnect.

To reverse this downward spiral caused through the lower senses one must replace the low sense thought patterns with thoughts of Praise and Spiritualising thoughts and we must seek higher expression.

If one dwells constantly in sense thoughts, by their inherent Creative Nature they intensify their lustful desires thus setting in motion their own destruction. Those who have an extreme desire for sex or depraved sexual activity have stepped onto the path of self destruction; they become so out of harmony with Nature that their gross misuse of vital energy sets the currents of Life into an inharmonious action that eventually burns out the nerve centre and consumes the very substance of the organism.

There are many dark and ignorant cults in the world that teach sex as part of self realisation, cults which magnify the instinctive animal nature and sensuality. This causes the higher Christ Nature to recede until such time as one seeks illumination and higher expression, thus bringing about purification by the fires of Spirit – Christ.

Sexual thoughts and desires are of the lower nature and of the lower part of the brain; this must be part of the Divine Knowledge understood by disciples of Truth so that they are not misled by false teachings into believing that sex is part of unconditional love.

At this time of Revelation there is a sexual revolution taking place in the western world as the low minded ignorant masses deny their Divine Nature while they indulge their sense appetites. As these wayward souls flounder in the mud of sensual misconduct they try to force into the Consciousness of the race that this behaviour is acceptable and in harmony with Nature.

To be stuck in such mire is to exist in limitation; failure and unhappiness for these souls is the result of the misuse of the Law of the Creative Principle. Disciples must be aware that the darkness of this world does not seep into their Consciousness; into this plane of existence we have been sent to experience and to learn the brotherhood of man and to master every vibration; to Love unselfishly and unconditionally as God Loves.

Sexual relations should ever be an expression of True Love by those who commit to each other for life. In a world existing in harmony with the Divine Creative Principle, the act of sex would ever be an outward expression of the Love within; love consummating the Holy Union between True Lovers. This Spiritual union provides a protected Loving environment for souls entering this world as babes.

The True Disciple soon realises that as a soul is raised through the quickening Fires of Christ the desire for sex recedes; as the Higher Nature unfolds the lower nature recedes. For Christ our True Nature has no desires for Christ is not of this World.

The key to Christ Consciousness and freedom is through the heart of Unconditional Love; to hold this key we must understand the Nature of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is Gods Love, it expects no returns, it is selfless and limitless, it has no conditions and no pleasures. Pleasure is of the world whereas Unconditional Love is a perpetual state of Bliss. The place of Christ is Bliss. Bliss translates to Perfect Happiness, Peace, Serene Joy, the Ecstatic Joy of Heaven; Christ Consciousness.

Becoming self realised is generally a very long process in which the disciple comes to understand his dual nature; the instinctive nature important for his survival on the earth plane of existence and the Spiritual Nature which is not of this World. Then by aspiring only to the very highest within the self the instinctive nature decreases and the Spiritual nature increases to give greater and greater expression.

The True Nature is Love, Love that is Infinite; Love in which there is no death for Love is Eternal. Love in which there is no separation, no judgment, Love that is gentle and kind yet is the Greatest Power there is.

The True Nature is Gods Nature.