The Soul is like unto a Harp

Each soul is like unto a beautifully fashioned harp, each one individually fashioned for the individual expression of the Creator Him-Herself. As a soul begins awakening the tuning of the instrument begins, the Christ within begins to pluck upon the strings. The vibrations or urgings from the Christ within set the soul to seek.

Words of Truth, the wonders of nature, the roar of a mighty waterfall, or the babbling’s of the little brook, the songs of the birds, the perfume and beauty of the flowers, the magnificence of the mighty trees, displays of light and colour, the stars above, through all the arts divinely inspired doth the law command. The sound of celestial music, as well as the colour and the form of the music. All this and more doth pluck the strings within the seeking soul, for Beauty is Truth, Truth is Love, God is Love.

As more strings are plucked and notes are sounded the soul begins to magnify the Light, it becomes a living melody, the heart begins to sing its songs of Love and Joy. The more awakened in the Truth of its Divinity the greater the instrument of Truth doth the soul become, giving greater freedom of expression to the Spirit of God within.

In time the living melody becomes the mighty symphony of Life, giving full unlimited expression to the Living God within, I AM.

Through these souls doth the music of the sphere’s ring out to all who will but hear. The beauty of these souls is beyond the conception of the human mind, Christ is individualised within the human soul, they are One and undividable, for the Creator and His creation are One. Christ has become the High Priest of the Temple not made by hands.