Those who seek Communion with the Ascended Masters

Those who seek to commune with the Ascended Masters must look very closely and honestly at themselves, their thoughts, actions, desires and their emotions. Are all your thoughts and desires pure? Do you aspire only to the very highest? Do you seek for yourself or for the benefit of all? Do you seek self-aggrandisement or are you happy to be faceless? Are you prepared for self-sacrifice, testing and purification?

If you desire communication with the Christ of God, for that is what they are, you must be prepared for major changes. If you are seeking communication with Christ you are seeking communion with the Living God and if you seek communion with God you seek also to give greater expression to God.

One cannot give expression to Christ through a heart that is not pure, for Christ is Love. To seek Divine Communion you must seek it from within, for to seek communion with Christ is to seek communion from the Kingdom of God, this kingdom can only be found within and only when the heart is pure. To be pure of heart is to see All Life as One, without hate, jealousy, envy or greed, without malice and judging no one. You must recognise not religion, colour of skin, race, creed or situation in life, you must not see good and evil. All these things exist only in the mind of man, if you wish to commune with God, you must see how God sees. You must be humble and ever ready for selfless service.

There is but One God, this God is Spirit, this Spirit is called Christ and this Christ dwells in every soul, It is the Real Self, the True Divine Nature. All must eventually transmute the lower material conscious nature with all its cravings, desires, likes and dislikes, that the soul can express this Higher Divine Nature. If you seek communion with the Ascended Masters, you will find the key in your own heart, this key is Love, Divine Unconditional selfless Love.

Raise your consciousness above the astral or lower planes of consciousness and into the planes of Light and let your humility be the vessel for the Spirit to inspire.