We are Divine Vessels

God is Infinite, Eternal and Ever present.

God is The Infinite Mind in which all things exist.

The Divine Infinite Mind is Substance.

The Four Elements: Fire, Air, Water & Earth and the fifth Ether; Interpenetrating these are the Positive and Negative Creative Cosmic Fires – The Alpha and Omega or Father and Mother. Together they make the Seven Principles underlying All Creation. All in the Infinite Mind.

By the Power of thought All things are brought into manifestation.

The Power of God is Love; the Power of God is Spirit; This Spirit of Love is called Christ and is the Animating Power in Creation.

All things that come into being come through Christ. The Supreme Infinite Creator held in His mind the Perfect Thought and through the Cosmic sound of ‘AUM’ manifestation took place.

The electromagnetic nature of the Creative Force brings forth into manifestation the Ideas or images held in the Infinite Mind. God creating within Him-Herself.

Mankind is created in His image and likeness, having the same power of creative thought.

It is important that the disciple of Truth understand that as you think you create, with the same Divine Substance out of which you were created.

We are made with the same Creative Spirit working within the same substance. We are made like unto our Father-Mother God, with the same Creative Power. To the degree of our understanding of this truth so our power is increased.

Jesus said in John 10:34: ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are Gods.’

If you are seeking enlightenment you must discipline your thought patterns. Your thoughts, at all times, must be positive and in harmony with the Universe. Love is the key.

Your thoughts to one another must be loving, pure, kind and uplifting. For when you think of another, immediately you send a created thought form toward them and you never miss the target. Because of the Law of Karma or cause and effect, that which you send forth, like the boomerang, always comes back to you.

If you send thoughts of hate, jealousy, envy or any negative thought you are attacking. Be aware that not only do you attack the one that has upset you, but also yourselves and every other person, for are you not one in essence? You attack the very Christ in all.

Jesus said in Mt 25:40, ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’

These ugly thought forms become weapons of anti-Christ.
If you ever fall in moments of carelessness you should, by the same mode, project thoughts of unconditional love and forgiveness toward the recipient, that you may transmute your transgression. Any misdeed or act involving negative thought or the spoken word is a misqualification of the Divine Creative Substance, that is Christ, must be atoned for.

To protect yourselves against such attacks you must utilise the mighty shield of Light which your aura can become when filled with Christ Light. This can also be achieved through Divine thought action. By keeping your thoughts pure, loving, healing and uplifting you do not only help raise yourselves but also the whole of creation. When your thoughts are pure and love is in the heart, you draw the Christ Light down; the colour white comes into your being this raises the vibration of all of the colours. Your aura shines with beautiful colours. This is how a Master knows whether you are a loving individual or not.

Be also on guard that you never pollute the ethers with your creations of the spoken words. Language is a Divine gift, treat it accordingly. When you become aware of Spiritual Truths and Christ dwells in the heart great power is given to the spoken word. Remember God created you individuals for His individual expression, you were created Holy vessels for the indwelling Christ, Be kind and loving, be gentle, be virtuous.

‘Be ye therefore Perfect even as your Father in heaven is Perfect.’

Know thyself and help heal the World.
I Am That I Am.


Oh you beautiful children of the Living God of Love,
realise you are a Divine Vessel and be a Light to your brethren
who struggle in the world.
Let thy words be healing to the world
let the Power of God flow through your mouth, within the spoken word, to comfort, praise and uplift.
To teach the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.
Praise the Holy One often, for Mighty in our midst is He,
When we praise His Holy Name.

Be thou ever Pure of Heart and let thy thoughts
transcend on Healing Wings of Light.