Worsening Conditions – Healing the Earth

1 April, 2004

Mankind has been given the role of caregiver of this earth plane of existence. Because of our Creative Nature, we all affect the structure of our surroundings continually. We are one with the elements and our thoughts and feelings alter manifest form as well as the unmanifest.

Because of worsening World conditions, great distortions are being created in the elements and great pressure is building in the Earth. Man in his ignorance is making the whole eco-system of our Earth unstable.

Science tells us there are great plates in the Earths structure that are always on the move and this is why we have earthquakes, and of course this is true. But we can make a difference.

Jesus Christ calmed the waters, turned water into wine, healed the sick and raised the dead; this Divine Creative Power is inherent within every soul. It is the True Nature.

Christ tells us that the Spiritual evolution of man, the journey to enlightenment which all must eventually make, involves mastering every vibration. All Life on and in the Earth has been given into mans care. The Earth plane is the plane of experience and the plane in which we learn to use our creative power for positive or negative, to create or destroy.

We all have within us the power to help stabilize and heal the Earth, to help bring a measure of Peace and Harmony back to the elements in this time of chaos.

This page is intended to inspire those who are concerned for the Earth, those who love Light and Peace, to become active in the service of Earth Healing; and to inform the thousands who already practice Earth Healing, but may be unaware, that Great Angel Beings, can be invoked into the Earth to help ease the great pressure along the earthquake fault lines.

This plane has been given into mans care, if we want help we must ask.

Earth Healing can be practiced alone or in groups. Earth healing Groups can become extremely powerful. If you cannot find one near you to join you could create one.

It is most important though that all sitters are loving and in harmony with one another and are dedicated to the purpose.

For those not sure how to go about sending healing:

If in a group it is best to sit in a circle. Sit comfortably where you have peace and quiet, clear you mind of all its chatter and ‘tune in’, elevate your consciousness into the higher realms. Do this by creating within your heart the feeling of great love. One can create this feeling by thinking of a person or pet that you love best in the world. When you think of how much you love them, be aware of that feeling in your heart, that wonderful warmth, the vibration of Love. This is the ‘Christ’ or ‘Life’ within. For God is Love.

Once the vibration of Love is established, turn your focus to the abundant stream of White Life Force, which is now flowing into the crown, invoke this Healing Light in Christ’s name. Like attracts like, the Love in your heart draws in the Life Flux of the Universe; the more you Love the more Powerful in ‘Light’ you become.

You may feel the Cosmic Fire burning the top of your head. Let this inflowing Cosmic Force flow on out through your hands, eyes and heart, send it into the Earth and specifically into the earthquake fault lines. It is most important to keep focused on the job at hand, for by our thoughts do we direct the Healing Power. If our thoughts wander the energies are scattered.

If you can send this Healing for at least 15 minute, of course for this purpose the longer the better.

Remember in your Earth Healing the great oceans and rivers, the lakes and all life in them, the forests and the life in them, the plants, trees and animals and the Atmosphere of the Earth.

Earth Healing Groups are also wonderful vessels for sending healing to individuals and groups of needy people.

The transmuting Violet Cosmic Fire and the Green Cosmic Fire can be invoked for Earth Healing purposes.

Always remember when praying or invoking energies, never to pray to any being outside yourself, by passing the Christ within. Always go though the Christ of God incarnate within your own being. Never deny the Christ within.

When you wish to call on a specific name go through the Christ within.


Beloved Infinite Father Mother God, in the name of the Holy Christ within me, I invoke the Violet Fire energy of St Germain.

Beloved Eternal, through Thy Life within me I invoke the Cosmic Green Fires of Mary the Divine Mother

Beloved God of All Life, through my Holy Christ Self, I invoke in Jesus name thy Cosmic Healing Light.