Worsening Earth Conditions Astral Penetration

11 April, 2004

Once again warnings are being given from our Hierarchy, that in this time of Revelations, we must prepare ourselves. Those who choose Truth and Freedom must stand steadfast in the Light. This is the time of anti-Christ; now this does not mean that all Christians are going to be targeted from the so-called heathen.

It means that all those who Love in Truth, all who Love their neighbour as themselves, all who Love in the name of Truth everyone no matter the colour of skin, race or religion, must stand strong in the Light of Truth and Brotherhood.

Anti-Christ means anti Light, anti Truth, anti Peace and all who join forces against Truth, Light and Peace are known as the forces of darkness. Darkness is after all the absence of Light. These forces are adamant in their ignorance to destroy, to fill with fear and prevent the lovers of Light from attaining their Spiritual Inheritance, their Freedom.

These forces love only power, they love to hold the power of fear over the people as now they do by their insidious threats and acts of terrorism. The dark astral forces are also penetrating our world, our plane of existence, through people willing to be their channel, through television, radio, music, writing etc and it is affecting the behaviour of the people and the children.

Be vigilant, be discerning, protect the children as much as possible from the violence, immorality and hatred, which is being presented to them constantly.

Most Truth seekers know there are different planes of human existence but there are also other mystical planes which are in between these planes and these interpenetrate them and upon these mystical planes their dwell elementals, angels proper, great Deva’s and so forth. But there are other planes as well where dwell creatures that the exorcist calls demonic. Many clairvoyants have looked into this world; these creatures are not pretty to the human eye and the sizes range from tiny to enormous.

Where there are gatherings of people small or large involving themselves in dark activities, the energies around them may become so low that it creates a doorway that connects the planes; the earth and the lower plane can merge and those behaving despicably may find ‘monsters’ in their midst. These creatures will not be invading our world but by the terrible behaviour and energy of those behaving badly, they the offenders, will be entering into their world.

Light Bearers be vigilant, stand strong in the Light of Thy True Nature, you are all offspring of the One Living God and have His-Her Divine seed within you.

The dark antichrist forces will fill hearts with fear, terror and grief for a time but they will not win, they cannot for the Infinite God is Love and Light, and the darkness created by their ignorance, shall be overcome.